Color Trends for 2020

2020 Color Trends to Include in Your Marketing Material

Without proper color, your marketing material would be nothing more than a sheet of paper or a social media post with words.  How would you ever grab the attention of your desired clientele and tell them why they need to purchase your products or services as soon as possible? Thankfully, not only do you have […]

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Man sitting on couch working on computer

How To: Avoiding Burnout While Working From Home

With great freedom comes endless opportunities to waste time. Working from home gives you the chance to create your ideal environment. There’s no lengthy commute. No fixed schedule. No boss hovering over you. Yet, the perks that make remote work appealing are often the biggest barriers to your productivity. From family and friends dropping by […]

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Two people reviewing a spreadsheet and usins a phone calculator

Get the Real-World Solutions Your Business Needs

We know small business owners are feeling the weight of these difficult times. And it’s no secret that small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. To support you, we’ve helped to developed a COVID-19 Resource Center now available on, our parent company. This information hub was designed to help educate and protect you, your […]

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act Infographic

What is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act?

As we navigate these troubling times, be assured that we are here to help you in any way we can. To help you better manage your business through the current crisis, we’ve developed a COVID-19 Toolkit, along with our parent company, Deluxe. It is filled with resources you can use to navigate the day-to-day changes […]

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female looking at laptop searching for logo designs sitting on the floor of apartment

COVID-19, Our Business, & You

Every small business has a story. It usually begins with an event that sparks the idea in the brain(s) of the founder(s). It’s usually a way to solve a problem or fill a need in the market. FreeLogoServices’ story is a classic start-up story. Founder, Craig Bloem, realized that there was a need to help […]

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woman on her cell phone holding shopping bags

Customer Retention Strategy: How to Win Repeat Business

Getting repeat business from new customers is beneficial to everyone involved. Customers are able to enjoy friendly, reliable service from a familiar business. You earn a reputation for pleasing your customers and steady profit that requires a much smaller investment than a first-time sale. Consumers place a high value on a great shopping experience, and […]

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mini shopping card with packages on laptop

You Have a Business Logo, Now What? 7 Ways to Get Customers

Every small business owner dreams of inventing a perfect marketing plan that can attract new customers like a magnet. But customer acquisition isn’t a one-time hurdle you can check off your to-do list. It takes patience, flexibility, and nonstop research to find creative ways to reach new audiences. Creating a focused brand strategy is the […]

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colored pencils and blank white paper

Branding to Win: Why Crowdsourcing Your Business Logo Is a Risky Gamble

Not all things should be crowdsourced. At first glance, a logo design contest might seem like a good way to get a wide range of concepts at little cost. Put the word out about your brand. Set up a few guidelines. Let a group of eager designers compete for the best bid. Take your pick […]

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laptop, phone, pens and notepad on a desk

Back to School, Back to Business: How to Organize Your Workspace and Boost Productivity

Having an organized workspace is one goal you’ll always be chasing. It’s human nature to start off with a plan and then watch your carefully designed system turn to chaos as more tasks pile up on your desk. Fortunately, you can reorder your work environment to get rid of distractions and clear the way for […]

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a group of young adults all on their cell phones

Responsive Logo Design | Creating Logos for the Small Screen

Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Smartphone. Smartwatch. Phew! While the number of ways customers can find you online continues to grow, the way they’re actually seeing you has continued to shrink. Smaller screens call for new strategies when it comes to getting your message to the masses — and one of those new strategies is to have […]

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