Young woman holding a blank business card

Business Card Design Tips: How to Design a Logo for Your Business Cards

Even with our lives going digital, business cards are still a viable way to exchange information. They are small, handy, inexpensive to make and you can still use them when there s no internet connection. With cards being an inexpensive tool for networking, it means you can get as creative as you like. Business cards […]

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young African American woman at her desk

Should You Use a Tagline In Your Logo?

Context is the one indispensable ingredient you need to make any branding effort work. You can create flashy marketing assets. You can use charming words. You can collect mountains of data about consumers. None of it will win people over until you present information in a way that matters to your customers. Why is this […]

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8 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

With the reach and influence of the internet, there are more people watching your brand than ever. A unique and memorable logo is what sets your company apart–and it’s important that you convey your message clearly. Even though logo design is crucial for taking your business to the next level, it isn’t always easy to […]

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close-up image of a Purple Heart

Ways to Get Your Small Business Involved in Purple Heart Day

Veterans Day and Memorial Day aren’t the only national holidays dedicated to honoring troops. August 7 is a time to show appreciation for fallen and wounded servicepeople who have made sacrifices for our freedom.  This lesser-known event is called Purple Heart Day, and you can salute servicepeople in your area by using your business to […]

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man on ladder sketching out branding ideas

10 Reasons Why a Small Business Logo Is Important

We all know the Nike logo, but did you know that its well-recognized swoosh cost just $35? Or that the first logo of Twitter cost just $15? Think about all the most recognizable brands. Now visualize their logos. It’s easy, right? That’s because logos go way back to the start of the marketing era. Consider Apple […]

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male sketch artist drawing with a pencil

DIY Logo or DIFM Logo: How to Decide

When to Go With a DIY Logo Maker or Hire a Professional Logo Designer How often do you look at a business’ logo and think, “That’s so simple! I bet I could create something this easy.” Unfortunately, you’re overlooking one massive factor. Simple logos look easy when they’re already finished. What you don’t see is […]

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Stack of cardboard boxes in an empty room

3 Stats to Make You Rethink How You Package Your Product(s)

Oh, the places your logo could go — if you put it on your packaging, the places are truly endless. Think about it: your packaging could be doing so much more than just carrying purchased products. Custom packaging, including branded stickers, can be a walking billboard for your brand, a representation of your promise to deliver […]

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loyalty card mock-up

Are You Using Loyalty Cards to Win Repeat Business?

Customer loyalty programs have their naysayers, but one thing is clear. Keeping an existing customer is less costly than attracting a new one. Roughly 57 percent of consumers buy more from companies if they’re loyal to them. No doubt, one of your top priorities is to reach more people and grow your small business. At […]

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Mac computer with an opening soon image on the screen

5 Tips to Choosing a Great Domain Name

What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re talking about a domain name for your business. Think of your domain name like you think of your home address. It’s how people can find you in the big neighborhood known as the internet and, if it’s not chosen with the proper thought and consideration, it can have […]

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hands writing on a notebook with a pencil

Blast from the Past: The Good and Bad of Retro Logo Designs

Times change, trends go out of style, and some logo designs start looking ripe for an update. Even the best logos have an eventual expiration date. By keeping up with trends, you can figure when it’s right to stand behind a classic logo or reinvent your brand mark. A retro logo design can stand out […]

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