Animated image of various promotional products

How to Choose Engaging Promotional Products for Your Customers

Marketing your business with custom promotional products is a slow process, and you can’t easily measure your success in simple terms of profit and loss. The goal of promotional marketing is to boost outreach and recognition, creating a long-term source of new business. Roughly eight in 10 people own between one and 10 promotional items. Of […]

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How to Show Brand Authenticity via Social Media

Social media is tearing down the wall between back-end business management and front-end service. In this age of transparency, the choices you make to develop a product are just as important as how you treat customers. Consumers want to engage with honest, genuine brands that aren’t afraid to be human. They don’t want sales-driven ads […]

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Sales funnel business concept drawing

9 Mother’s Day Promotions to Use on Other Holidays

Mother’s Day brings out droves of sentimental shoppers looking for thoughtful ways to show appreciation. The National Retail Federation expects 86 percent of Americans to celebrate in 2018, shelling out an average of $180 per person. Total spending is projected to reach $23.1 billion. But, what about other holidays? Start preparing your promotions early because there’s […]

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Male and female bakery owners

8 Steps to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Brand

Creating a steady income stream on the side is a smart way to ease into running a full-blown business. But even if your side hustle is “micro,” treating it like an established brand will help you grow your business much faster. Wondering if it’s worthwhile to sink time, effort, and money into marketing an informal […]

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consulting business card example

5 Trends in Business Card Design You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever gone for lunch at a restaurant and seen the big fishbowl filled with business cards? Did you add your business card into the mix with the hopes of being chosen for that free meal? You probably noticed that most of the other cards are plain, with white backgrounds and just a little […]

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man wearing custom t-shirt

3 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Build Your Brand

Try to remember your last trip to a mall or other big, public space. As humans, it’s in our nature to notice others — what they are wearing, saying, and what they look like. We’re willing to bet that there were branded t-shirts featuring logos all around you. You probably noticed a Nike swoosh, a […]

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Promoting Your Small Business with Pen Marketing

7 Clever Ideas for Promoting Your Small Business with Pen Marketing

Pen advertisements help promote small businesses–it happens all the time. You’re in the car or a store and you have to write something down. You find that old envelope you’ve been carrying around, but now you need something to write with. You scour the glove compartment or reach into your briefcase and you find one. […]

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Coworkers pitching ideas in conference room

How to Pitch Your Small Business and Get the Success You Deserve

Telling others all the good things about your small business should be easy, right? No one understands what your brand has to offer better than you do. You put in the hard work to build something special, and you’re proud of how far you’ve come. So, why is it difficult to channel that confidence when […]

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Famous brand logos

15 of the Most Notable Logo Redesigns of 2017

Companies have various reasons for retiring a logo and going back to the drawing board. Sometimes, an old logo no longer reflects the values of a brand that has steadily evolved over the years. At other times, industry changes force brands to rethink how they fit into the market. Not all logos can stay relevant […]

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Periodic Table of Branding Elements

The Periodic Table of Branding Elements [Infographic]

Branding is both an art and a science. It’s true — a business can survive without an intentional branding strategy. But a strong brand helps you understand what you’re business is all about, who you should target, and how to speak to your audience. In short, a strong brand sets you up for business success. […]

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