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10 Creative Font Ideas for Your Business Logo

With the right typeface, words can tell a visual story beyond their literal meaning. While it’s common for big brands to use a custom design, anyone can stand out by making a text-based business logo with the many free and low-cost fonts available today. From line weight to letter width, the flair you add to […]

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Branding: What's Your Identity

How to Know When You’re Ready to Rebrand Your Small Business

When you first start a small business, branding is often an ideal vision of the image you want to project. You pour your time, effort, and budget into crafting the right tone and personality. But the bigger your business grows, the more you realize your brand doesn’t fully capture the value you provide. Just like […]

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Effective Online Marketing Techniques

How to Promote Your Business Online

The motto “build it, and they will come” isn’t a good outlook for a business owner. An endless line of customers won’t magically show up, even if you have a first-rate product. It takes proactive marketing to get (and keep) people interested in your business.  A better motto is “build trust, and they will come.” […]

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Word of Mouth Promotion - The Good & Bad

5 Brilliant Examples of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Happy, engaged customers are the most effective tool for marketing your business. People get excited when they hear about great products from friends and family. Roughly 82 percent of Americans turn to their personal network for product recommendations, according to a 2016 Harris Poll. And 67 percent of people say they’re more likely to make […]

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10 endroits astucieux où laisser vos cartes de visite

10 Brilliant Places to Leave Business Cards

Business cards and online marketing are constantly viewed as opposites fighting for dominance. Yet, not only do they coexist; digital media is making it easier to create and use business cards. If you don’t already keep a stack of cards handy, here’s why you should. Business cards provide a wide range of contact information all […]

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9 Easy Tips to Boost Local Business Online Marketing

The heyday of storefront advertising is long gone. It’s not enough to hang signs in your window and hope customers wander by and see them. You may think being local means you don’t have to delve into the online arena. Your customers are right in your community, so there’s no reason to waste time with […]

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7 Tips to Create a Delicious Coffee Shop Logo Design

Few beverages are more contentious than coffee. People are passionate about how they like their beans brewed. And strong opinions about coffee translate into loyalty to brands and businesses. In most cities and towns, customers have a variety of great places to buy coffee. It takes impressive branding to get people to break from routine […]

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St. Patrick's Day

12 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas for Local Businesses

Hoping you can channel some good luck to boost St. Patrick’s Day sales this year? Holidays are a perfect time to ride the wave of merrymaking and attract more business. With hordes of people looking for fun ways to celebrate, you have ripe moments to grab attention. St. Patrick’s Day will be over before you […]

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What Kind of Website Should I Make? 8 Options to Consider

Running out of reasons not to build a website? Are you constantly putting it off and wondering, “What kind of website should I make?” Planting your flag online is the best way to steer more traffic to your business. Most people go online to research businesses before they decide where to shop. Without a presence, […]

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How to Create a Logo Online: Helpful Tips, Tools & Tricks

Poor execution is the enemy of great logo design. A logo appears on all your marketing assets, and it should embody the pride behind your brand. Logos with distorted shapes, stretched-out text, and pixelated colors don’t capture the good qualities of your business. If you want your finished logo to wow customers, it’s crucial to […]

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