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How to Pull Off a Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Guerilla marketing involves unconventional marketing strategies usually executed in the streets or in other uncommon spots on a smallebudget. Stickers, chalk on the sidewalks, and motion ads (among countless others) are some staples of guerilla marketing. The expertise and effectiveness, though, come from originality. Every business is different, and every business has different uses for […]

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5 Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

Happy Small Business Week! Congratulations, business owner, this week is for you! Take the time to appreciate and reflect on how far your business has come. But, as you know, business never stops, and you should take advantage of this week, even more than you would any other week, while still having a good time, […]

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Give That Horse a Logo! Getting Ready for Churchill Downs

Get your finest hat dusted off and practice ordering a Mint Julep. It’s Kentucky Derby Time! Instead of the usual rundown of the five favorite horses in the race, we used our creative license to try our online logo maker to design logos for some of the most-talked-about horses of the season. 1. American Pharoah […]

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How To Re-Brand Your Business The Right Way

You’ve had your business for a few years now, and maybe you want a change. Whether your business has been doing well and you need an upgrade or business has slowed and you need a new push, this post will guide you to the perfect new redesign. How To Successfully Re-Brand Your Business Figure out […]

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Presidential Logos

Presidential Logos Face Off

Every four years, there’s a winner and a loser–well, a lot of losers. What sets the one who is elected President from the rest of the candidates? Their logo. Well, maybe not completely. Here at FreeLogoServices, we love logos and love studying the effect of logos on consumers and–in this case–voters. Of course, we know […]

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Oscar logos

Oscar Logos Reimagined

The show is over (although for a while there, it didn’t seem like it was ever going to end). Regardless of whether you think the Academy got the winners right or the multi-talented host delivered in the entertainment department, over 1 billion people around the world tune in every year to see which moving picture […]

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How To Design The Perfect Sports Logo

Sports are international; they’re borderless. Therefore, many sports logos have international recognition. Imagine you’re a designer tasked with the job of branding a sports franchise for a soccer, rugby, football or baseball team. Sound like a tall task? Designing a logo that can potentially be seen by millions of people is both exciting and daunting. […]

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Choosing The Right Color Scheme for Your Logo

Colors are perhaps the most important part of a logo. Everyone reacts differently and has different emotions towards different colors. Some scientists believe that a color triggers the same emotions in all people, while others say that past experiences and memories affect how one reacts to a certain color. You can read for days about […]

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What To Look For in a Font

Similar to color choice, font choice is important for many different reasons. The reasoning behind different font choices is more tangible, however. Understanding Different Font Styles Details Of Classic Style Fonts Serif fonts, like Times New Roman and Baskerville, have slight projections on the corners of the letters that look like the letter was finished […]

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3 Things a Business Logo Needs to Do

Business logos are an essential part of any company’s brand message. They are the first thing customers recognize when looking for a product or service both online and offline. A poorly designed logo can end up doing more harm than good, eventually resulting in the closing of a business at worst, and unnecessary overspending on […]

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