Web Domain Taken? Get Inspired By These 15 Outstanding Domain Names [Infographic]

As a business owner, you started with a great business idea. You worked hard to launch your business. And you even picked a clever business name to support your memorable brand. After investing countless hours, months, or even years into your business, you may feel a lot of pride for and protectiveness of your business. […]

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Where Should You Use Your Logo? Start With These 10 Spots

What’s the next step after creating a logo for your business? Refine the look of your brand, and start using your visual identity to interact with the public. A great logo is like your brand mascot. If you keep it on the bench, you miss out on opportunities to make a mark on your customers. […]

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Domain Name Taken? Try These 7 Clever Solutions Instead

It’s been a long time coming, but you’re finally ready to launch the business you’ve been dreaming about for years! Your plans are set, you chose the perfect company name, and you’re itching to start promoting your brand. But, wait. You use a domain name search tool only to find yourcompanyname.com is not available. How […]

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How to Brand Your Business (Without Breaking the Bank)

Branding is the basis of a good sales strategy because it tells you who to target and how to present your products. When given choices, customers quickly rule out products that don’t fit their expectations. Branding your business adds fuel to your sales pitch. Branding is the sum of everything you do and the experience […]

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Boosting Our Brand: How & Why We Updated Our Logo Design

Maintaining a business brand is like maintaining your own personal style. You present yourself in a way that’s consistent with your style, whether that’s through clothes, colors, or a haircut. As trends come and go, you buy new clothes and test new haircuts. So it makes sense that a business brand needs some occasional updates, […]

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How to Name Your Business: 4 Foolproof Tips to Follow

Naming your business shouldn’t be a side project you handle between “real work.” A name is the first thing people learn about your company, and it tells everyone what you stand for. It also informs your branding, marketing, and product choices. So, picking the right name will simplify many of your business decisions down the […]

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What Is Brand Identity and Why Does It Matter? [Definitions]

Consider all the products you come in contact with in your home on an average day. Food. Footwear. Toiletries. Electronics. Your household items are a mix of daily necessities and personal indulgences. They paint a picture about your personality and values. Chances are, you even buy the same brands over and over again. You trust […]

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The 5 Elements You Need to Build a Strong Brand

In past centuries, a brand was a mark you might find on cattle to identify it as belonging to a particular rancher. But today, most people don’t think of cows when they hear the word “brand” or “branding.” According to Ashley Friedlein, President of Econsultancy, a brand is “the sum total of how someone perceives a […]

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7 Ways to Use Custom Logo T-Shirts to Promote Your Business

Whether you just launched your small business or you’ve been running it for a while, you probably recognize the need to promote and market your products and services. Promotional strategies provide an opportunity for you to interact with your customers. They also encourage customers to take action, whether that action be to make a purchase, […]

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The Benefits of Branded Office Supplies

Small companies often wonder about the ways they can promote their brand on a small budget. There are so many options out there, from television and online advertising to corporate event sponsorship; however, many of these ideas are expensive, and do not target the right individuals. A great marketing tool is the distribution of branded […]

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