We’ve made it easy (and affordable) for you to design a new logo for your business.

We have tons of brand new logo styles for you to choose from at FreeLogoServices. If you feel like your business could use a rebrand, browse through our 100+ new logo templates, now including badge logos and initial logos.



Badge Logo – Badge logos (or emblem logos) have text inside of a symbol. These generally look best for companies with shorter names, but our templates will work for company names of any size. They are a great way to make a compact logo that makes your business look official.






Initial Logo – Initial logos use the initials of your business to represent the brand. These work well for businesses with long names that would throw off a design. They also work for businesses that want an icon to represent their brand, but want to keep it simple.






Combination Logo – A combination logo includes both the name of the company and a symbol. This is a great way to associate an image with your brand, while not missing out on the opportunity for name recognition.




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