illustration of branding questionnaire

The Essential Questions Logo Designers Should Include On a Branding Questionnaire

Thinking about building a new branding questionnaire? Did you know that 77% of marketing leaders say that branding is critical to their growth? Unfortunately, most small business owners couldn’t define the word “brand” much less come up with a strategy for one. It’s left to you, the designer, to hold their hands and lead them to an […]

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open road with "start" displayed on pavement

What is a Logo? Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re starting a business, a brand, a website, or some other type of public entity, you would be wise to create a logo. Logos offer a number of advantages and work terrifically as marketing devices. But, what is a logo, exactly? What does a logo include and what purpose does it really serve? Below, […]

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Man putting on store opening soon sign

Signs It’s Time To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Business

Quitting your full-time day job in favor of your side hustle is a daunting endeavor. Careful planning and hours of weighing the pros and cons are necessary before pulling the plug on your current gig. Turning your side hustle into a business is the ultimate leap of faith – but there are a few key […]

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copyright your logo

Should You Copyright or Trademark Your Logo?

There seems to be a bit of confusion between the words “copyright” and “trademark” – what usually happens is people use them interchangeably. And if you aren’t a legal expert, we don’t blame you for thinking these two words are one and the same. However, when it comes to designing a logo for your business, […]

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Louis Vuitton designer bag

How To Tell If A Branded Item Is Real Or Fake

The majority of shoppers will make purchasing decisions based on the brand name or logo on an item. Companies spend billions of dollars protecting and marketing their genuine brand image to ensure customers know that they are getting the real thing — not a counterfeit. Unfortunately, the counterfeit market is thriving thanks to improved copycat […]

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Notebook with New Years plan

New Years Resolutions To Help Build Your Brand

New Year, new you! Many individuals believe that January 1st is a way to reset and start setting and accomplishing personal goals for the upcoming year. However, while most are focusing inward on themselves, why not focus on setting goals for your business? According to Statista, 53% of survey respondents said that their New Years […]

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Winter Snowy Landscape With Trees.

What To Include In A Company Holiday Card

‘Tis the season for spreading a bit of cheer, and nothing does a better job than a holiday card. An estimated 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year and sent out around the world — and the majority of those senders are businesses. It’s important to let loyal customers know that you are thinking […]

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Map with a pin isolated on white.

The Most Popular Free Business Directories

Increasing your brand’s exposure online can be as expensive or least expensive as you’d like it to be. One of the easiest ways to improve SEO for your website and get your brand in front of an online audience is to add your business to local online directories. Local listing sites can be thought of […]

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Should You Design a New Logo or Edit Your Existing Logo?

Have you noticed a spree of redesigned logos lately? From Mastercard to Dropbox, brands old and new are taking a second look at their logos to reconnect with consumers. A logo visually expresses the values behind your brand. So when your business evolves, it makes sense that your logo might need a makeover as well. […]

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man on phone looking at online directory

Why Are Local Business Listings Important?

Did you know that 79% of customers do research online before visiting a store? With more people flocking to the Internet for answers, suggestions, and ideas, it’s no wonder that businesses who have a large online presence are the ones who seem to be doing so well these days. One way business owners are getting […]

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