About Free Logo Services

We are the #1 provider of logo design services and branded marketing products to entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations worldwide. Our web-based platform offers a unique way to quickly, easily and cost-effectively create professional logos in minutes, without the assistance of a professional designer. Over 25 million users worldwide have built their brand using our online tools. Our high-quality custom logos have appeared in over 150 countries throughout the world and on everything from company letterhead and business cards to billboards and signs.

FreeLogoServices.com is a site owned and operated by LogoMix. To learn about the company and the culture that makes FreeLogoServices you can find out more at LogoMix.

Custom marketing products include:

  • Logo Maker: Our online logo maker is the easiest, most powerful logo maker online. You choose your favorite logo design from thousands of templates, with industry specific or generic designs, and easily edit color, layout, size, font, and text. All logos you design are saved for free in our design cloud. The best part? Once you’ve purchased your logo, you can easily add it to business cards, promotional products, and your website using our tools.
  • Business Card Tool: Our four step easy design process allows you to create professional, great looking business cards in minutes. We offer over 1,000 business card templates by style, industry, or category.  You can easily personalize all information and images, even adding a design to the back of the card if you choose. Once you’ve designed your business card, you can either order through us for a great price or choose to download the digital file.
  • Custom Promotional Products: Easily add your logo to a wide variety of promotional products, including t-shirts, polos, pens, hats, various office supplies, and more. The promotional product design tool allows you to edit your logo and any additional text for your desired product. Once you’ve finished, you can order all of your products in low quantities at great prices, a deal typically unheard of in the promotional products industry.

What Business Are You In?

Our logo maker has been used to produce eye-catching professional logos for clients operating within a dynamic range of industries, including:



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