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Build your brand with a custom logo design

DIY logo maker or professional logo designer - which is best for you?

DIY Logo Package

  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule

  • Browse 1,000+ templates, organized by industry

  • A guided step-by-step design process

  • Immediately download files to your computer

Work With A Logo Designer

  • A graphic designer will work with you on your logo

  • Share color, font, and other preferences to get started

  • Get frequent updates and logo design revisions

  • Receive all design files needed to brand a business

How to choose between designing your own logo & using a logo designer

Are you new to the concept of design, or don’t have a particular logo in mind that you want? Then using our DIY logo maker may be your best bet. We have thousands of industry-specific templates to choose from and each can be fully customized. Our DIY logo maker is ideal for those pressed for time. Creating a business logo onlineOpens a new window can take as few as ten minutes thanks to our robust, AI-powered logo design software.

Do you have a unique design in mind or want something highly customized? If so, then you will benefit the most by hiring one of our professional logo designersOpens a new window. Our experienced designers have the skills to create custom fonts, layouts, and imagery that perfectly depicts your brand message. You always have the final say regarding your logo design and our designers will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Whether you choose to design your own logo or enlist in the help of a professional logo designer, creating a logo with Freelogoservices doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming.

Still have questions?

  • What’s the difference between DIY and other logo design options?

    The Do-It-Yourself design option allows you to create a logo on your own using an online logo maker. The DIY process is streamlined, affordable, and customizable. Another option is to use a logo designer. Logo designers create logos from scratch and the end result is a design that is unique to your business. A third option is a logo design contest during which you fill out a branding questionnaire and send it to dozens of different designers. You then choose which submitted logo design you like best. Here is a more in-depth analysisOpens a new window of the different options.

  • Why does the make your own logo design option cost less?

    The DIY logo design option is more affordable because customers use logo templates to get started on their designs. Additionally, customers do not need to work with actual humans -- time is money. The do-it-for-me design option is a personalized experience with a graphic designer. You are paying additional money for their skills, time, and a logo designed from scratch.

  • How long will it take a logo designer to finish my logo?

    The answer is: it depends. If you have a specific design in mind (examples, colors, fonts, must-haves), your logo design will be easier for a graphic designer. Remember, the more revisions, the more time it will take. Providing as much detailed information as possible during your initial phone call will speed up the process. Typically, plan to spend 2-3 weeks for the entire process.

  • Why do I need a logo for my business?

    Think of a business logo as a thumbprint. Your thumbprint is unique and helps others identify who you are. Your business logo functions the same way. A logo is what helps customers identify your brand, what you offer, and what your business values are. Without a logo, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to successfully launch marketing initiatives and build brand awareness. Here are a few reasons why having a logo is crucial for your business.Opens a new window

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