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Where to Use Your Business Logo on a Website

One of the first places business owners will display their newly designed company logo is on their website — and why not? Websites are an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Customers doing online research on a brand are likely to head to the website first. Since a company website is the first interaction with a […]

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How To Make A Logo Online

Have you decided to create a logo for your business? If so, this is a wise business decision. Having a logo can boost brand awareness, make your company come off as more professional to your audience, as well as allow you to advertise on promotional materials such as mugs and t-shirts. If you are have […]

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Famous brand logos

How to Get Inspiration From Famous Logos … Without Copying

As strange as it sounds, imitation goes hand in hand with creativity. Artists naturally look to other designers to see what works and what doesn’t, so all creative ideas borrow from the past.   By definition, an “original” concept is completely new and not derived from something else. Yet, every fresh idea is a compilation […]

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Facebook on desktop and mobile device

How Do I Add A Logo To Facebook?

So you have your finished logo and you’re ready to promote it both online and offline. One of the best ways to promote your brand’s logo is on social media channels.   Having a social media channel is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to reach your target audience. However, if you don’t […]

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Example logo on coffee mug

Marketing With Promotional Mugs: Warm Up New Prospects With Custom Drinkware

Marketing With Promotional Mugs: Warm Up New Prospects With Custom Drinkware Any good salesperson knows that planting the first seed of interest in a prospective customer is half the battle. Most people instinctively say “no” to sales pitches, which doesn’t make it easy to break through to new customers.   Introducing people to your brand […]

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white cotton promotional tote bags

Hunting for New Customers? Use Custom Tote Bags to Optimize Brand Awareness

We all have the tendency to accumulate more items than we can keep track of. Thanks to our shared penchant for clutter, bags are an indispensable accessory.   Bags provide all-purpose storage for everything from portable electronics to baby supplies, making them relevant to all markets.   Just imagine how often your customers load up […]

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woman on her cell phone holding shopping bags

Customer Retention Strategy: How to Win Repeat Business

Getting repeat business from new customers is beneficial to everyone involved. Customers are able to enjoy friendly, reliable service from a familiar business. You earn a reputation for pleasing your customers and steady profit that requires a much smaller investment than a first-time sale. Consumers place a high value on a great shopping experience, and […]

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mini shopping card with packages on laptop

You Have a Business Logo, Now What? 7 Ways to Get Customers

Every small business owner dreams of inventing a perfect marketing plan that can attract new customers like a magnet. But customer acquisition isn’t a one-time hurdle you can check off your to-do list. It takes patience, flexibility, and nonstop research to find creative ways to reach new audiences. Creating a focused brand strategy is the […]

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colored pencils and blank white paper

Branding to Win: Why Crowdsourcing Your Business Logo Is a Risky Gamble

Not all things should be crowdsourced. At first glance, a logo design contest might seem like a good way to get a wide range of concepts at little cost. Put the word out about your brand. Set up a few guidelines. Let a group of eager designers compete for the best bid. Take your pick […]

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laptop, phone, pens and notepad on a desk

Back to School, Back to Business

How to Organize Your Workspace and Boost Productivity Having an organized workspace is one goal you’ll always be chasing. It’s human nature to start off with a plan and then watch your carefully designed system turn to chaos as more tasks pile up on your desk. Fortunately, you can reorder your work environment to get […]

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