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It’s Been 3 Years: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?

Awesome! You just made it through your third year! And you mastered the marketing updates from “It’s Been 2 Years: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?” You’ve already improved in a lot of areas. Your online presence has created a trusted brand identity. Your product and pricing strategy have boosted your sales. Your industry values the contributions […]

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It’s Been 2 Years: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?

Hooray! Your business is still going strong after another year! Hopefully, you made the marketing updates in “It’s Been [1 Year]: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?” Because you’re about to take these marketing concepts to the next level! Last year, you made some great investments in your marketing strategies. Your website, blog, and social media now […]

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It’s Been 1 Year: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?

Congrats! You’ve made it a whole year with your new business. This is a huge accomplishment in the world of small business. According to Fundera, nearly 20% of small businesses fail in their first year to due lack of funding, mismanagement, and failed marketing initiatives. Now it’s time to give your brand some much-needed marketing updates. You […]

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Watch Out! The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Business Website

Are you designing a new business website? Good idea! These days, a large part of running and growing a successful business is having a website that attracts users and expands your reach. If a potential customer can’t google you or find information about your business through a search engine, it’s very likely they’ll question your […]

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Don’t Forget the Logo: 10 Benefits of Having a Business Logo

Does your company have a logo? A business logo is one of the core aspects of promoting your company as it gives you something to build your brand around. We process images 60,000 times faster than words, so having a logo really makes your marketing easier. Still not convinced? Read on for ten benefits of having a […]

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After the Redesign: What Else You Need to Update After Redesigning Your Logo

You’ve just finished a complete logo redesign, and you’re incredibly happy with the way it looks. Your new logo is much more in step with the rest of your marketing strategy. It’s consistent with what attracts your target customer, it’s legible, and it definitely sets you apart from your competitors. The last thing that you want […]

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updating a logo design

Updating Your Logo Design: What Elements Should You Change?

You know that your logo design is in desperate need of an update. But you also know that updating to a more modern logo could cost you some of your brand recognition — and potentially even business. The truth is that it can feel almost impossible to create a logo that resonates with today’s market without alienating your long-term […]

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The Essential Questions Logo Designers Should Include On a Branding Questionnaire

Thinking about building a new branding questionnaire? Did you know that 77% of marketing leaders say that branding is critical to their growth? Unfortunately, most small business owners couldn’t define the word “brand” much less come up with a strategy for one. It’s left to you, the designer, to hold their hands and lead them to an […]

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Dynamic Logos: When and How to Use Them

People in the business world know better than anyone that a great logo is essential for building a company’s brand identity. However, dynamic logos can afford business owners even more opportunity. These eye-catching dynamic logos allow business owners the chance to explore different variations in color, presentation, and shape while retaining the visual cues that […]

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What is a Logo? Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re starting a business, a brand, a website, or some other type of public entity, you would be wise to create a logo. Logos offer a number of advantages and work terrifically as marketing devices. But, what is a logo, exactly? What does a logo include and what purpose does it really serve? Below, […]

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