keynote speaker at conference event

A Comprehensive Guide to Event Branding

Have you considered hosting an event to promote your brand? You don’t have to be a large company to pull off this impactful marketing strategy. According to Home Business Magazine, hosting an event fosters brand awareness and increases your connections. The key to hosting a powerful event is Event Branding. Think of your event as your brand […]

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How to create a gradient logo

How to Make a Gradient Logo Design

Colors have a unique way of attracting everyone’s attention. In the offset of the 20th century when computers had started controlling how a man works, the web designers of this time used to expand their color scheme by adding unique elements into their website. In the 21st century, web designers now use gradients to create bold statements. […]

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designer choosing a logo design

How to Make a Logo for Social Media

Over the last few years, social media profiles have become an essential part of any business. In some cases, an active social media feed is more important than an official website. It’s where customers can ask questions, get inspired and share their favorite posts to stay connected with their friends. With so much potential for […]

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abstract logo with transparent background

How to Make a Logo Transparent (Without Photoshop)

There are a variety of ways you can bring your brand to life and make the greatest visual impact. Whether you’re crafting marketing collateral, designing your storefront, or simply creating custom business cards, your logo will be used in a number of ways. To help ensure your logo looks clean and professional regardless of where […]

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The Worst Promo Products (And What To Order Instead)

83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promotional product. But with 89% of people receiving at least one promotional product in the past 6 months, you have quite a bit of competition. Luckily, you can help your brand stand out by choosing the right giveaways. Ideally, you want […]

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creating a brand identity

Creating an Effective Brand Identity and Guidelines

There is no mistaking a strong brand identity. Some companies are instantly recognizable by just their logo and branding. Imagine a basketball player, mid jump. Imagine his legs spread wide and his arms outstretched, the front hand pushing the basketball towards a net you can’t see, but you know is close. What colors did you […]

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Facebook login on mobile device

How to Boost Awareness for Your Brand on Social Media

3.02 billion. That’s the number of social media users worldwide. If you don’t have a social media strategy for your company, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Branding is often overlooked by the small business owner because the return on investment is not always easy to see. But failing to invest in brand […]

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Display of color swatches to help develop a color palette

Best Online Color Palette Generators

The color palette you choose for your logo design sets the tone for your entire brand identity. Depending on what industry you’re in, you might want to convey power and dependability. Or, you might want to appear playful and inviting, even from miles down the road. Whatever your message is, the color palette of your […]

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The 6 Most Useful Technology Blogs for Small Business Owners

Starting-up in business can feel like a treacherous path, laden with obstacles, dead-ends, and financial risks.  It can feel like no-one is there to hold your hand. And for small- and micro-businesses, that isolation can be lonely.  However: You’re absolutely not on your own.   If you’re growing and scaling up a new business, you need […]

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Color combinations and tones in geometric patterns

Best Logo Color Combinations By Industry

Creating a logo is equal parts design expertise and understanding human psychology. A logo makes a powerful first impression and creates a bond with your customers from the first time they see it. Some people even go so far as to tattoo their favorite logos on their body! To get that kind of loyalty, your […]

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