Franchise Branding Ideas: It All Begins With the Logo

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the business franchise that you’re wanting to build. 

The one thing that every successful franchise centers itself around is a tremendous brand for its clientele. Without a brand that you can build your business around, you can’t hope to spread your company nationwide as you’re hoping to.

Fortunately, it all starts with the amazing logo that you create for your company. Let that set the tone for all the other branding ideas that you may have.

Here are several reasons why making an incredible logo is so important to your business’s success down the line.

1. It Catches People’s Eyes

There are two reasons as to why it’s important that your logo catches the eyes of anyone who sees it. 

First, having people take a second glance at it means that they’re far more likely to read the message that your logo has for them.

They’ll process the information on it and store it away for future use. If your logo isn’t able to draw people to it, you have very slim hopes of them reading the content within it.

Secondly, having an eye-catching logo can serve as a glorified finger-point to your products or services. You’d be amazed at how many customers choose the brands they purchase based solely on the logo and colors that you incorporate. 

The logo and colors you use give a subliminal message of whether or not your brand can be trusted, and quite frankly, that’s all that consumers are looking for.

2. Increases Your Brand Recall

Brand recall, or brand recognition, is a key aspect to any company that’s looking to build a franchise. 

Your company’s services or products have to be memorable to the customers within the area you’re looking to install a franchise at. Without that, your franchise stores won’t last long at all.

There are several ways that a logo can provide that for your services. The main way is to give a symbol that the customer can relate to.

Take the Fellowes paper shredder’s logo, for example. Paper shredders aren’t a product you could probably list a lot of brands for.

However, by using a “tough” looking bulldog as their mascot with the words “the world’s toughest shredders” under it, everyone can make the connection. Now, in the consumer’s mind, Fellowes’ shredders are the first ones that pop in their head.

3. Shows Your Identity

What do you want your franchise to be known for? What’s going to separate it from any other franchise out there that’s in your industry?

How can you relay that to your customers before they walk in the door? Your logo, that’s how!

You need to design your logo to send a message to all who see it. Whatever that message is, make sure that it’s the main focus in your new brand identity. Things such as color psychology play a huge role in sending that message subliminally to your clients.

For instance, say you’re starting a marketing franchise that focuses on providing exciting and relatable content for its clients. Using a logo with the color red (which signifies excitement) will show everyone what separates your marketing from other franchises.

Those out there looking for that kind of marketing service will choose your franchise over other brands in the marketplace.

4. It’s an Invitation to Clients

Clients these days have clever and interesting logos all around them. If your franchise doesn’t have one, you’ll miss out on all their business. That’s a guarantee.

The fact of the matter is that you owe it to yourself and your customers to create a logo that will make them curious about your services. They’ll want to learn more about your franchise via outlets such as your website, social media, or even by walking into a store.

Whether it’s fair or not, that entire process starts with the logo you seal on your phone ads, collateral, social media account photos, etc. 

Needless to say, your design needs to be killer. It needs to strike a chord with your prospects in a way that no other franchise’s logo will.

One day, your logo will have such a reputation that it no longer has to convince people to try it, such as the Mcdonald’s and Apple logos of the world. For now, however, you’ll need your design to push them to take action.

5. It Literally Goes on Everything

If you’re looking for a valid reason as to why you should prioritize making a dynamite logo for your future franchise, look no further than this: it will go on everything.

Everything from your store sign, social media accounts, marketing pamphlets, business cards, promo items, etc. will all have your logo on it.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Create a logo that you’ll be proud of. Make sure it conveys the brand identity that you’re going for. Without it, you won’t have anything to draw the customers in.

Powerful marketing tools, such as giveaway t-shirts, lose their value if people don’t like the logo enough to wear the shirt around.

All Great Branding Ideas Start with the Logo

As you’ve undoubtedly seen within this article, the success of all your amazing branding ideas rides on the quality of your logo.

Be sure to check out this page to see the two design options you have in making the logo your franchise will use for years to come.

For more inquiries, feel free to reach out via our contact customer support page and we’ll be delighted to answer any further questions that you have.

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