LogoMaker AI Logo Creator Release

FreeLogoServices AI Logo Creator: Make Custom AI Logos for Free

Logomix, a subsidiary of HostPapa, Inc., acquired this year (by HostPapa, Inc.) announced the launch of our latest groundbreaking technological innovation: LogoMaker AI Logos. ChatGPT can’t create logos but LogoMaker AI Logo Generator can, with game-changing AI-supercharged technology for your one-of-a-kind logo imagery By using game-changing AI technology to design logo ideas, Free Logo Services […]

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The Best Customer Thank You Gifts for 2021

The start of a brand-new year means brand-new opportunities to grow your business. After the challenges of the past 12 months, we’re all placing greater value on personal health and safety than ever before, and customers will remain loyal to the businesses that share those values. This trend is reflected in our predictions for the […]

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Content Marketing Flow Chart

Creative Content Marketing Ideas to Give Your Brand a Boost

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. It shows how important content marketing is to any business when it comes to generating traffic and getting qualified leads.  But content marketing is more than just putting words on your site. It’s more than just writing any kind of content. It’s more than just […]

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Two people trading business cards

Business Card Info You Don’t Want To Leave Out

The world is changing, and so is the way that we interact with each other. Despite all the new technology and advances, though, some traditional practices remain the same, and that includes business cards. Business cards are a major staple for anyone who is open to networking or building their business. They’re still a go-to […]

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Man sitting on couch working on computer

How To: Avoiding Burnout While Working From Home

With great freedom comes endless opportunities to waste time. Working from home gives you the chance to create your ideal environment. There’s no lengthy commute. No fixed schedule. No boss hovering over you. Yet, the perks that make remote work appealing are often the biggest barriers to your productivity. From family and friends dropping by […]

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Two people reviewing a spreadsheet and usins a phone calculator

Get the Real-World Solutions Your Business Needs

We know small business owners are feeling the weight of these difficult times. And it’s no secret that small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. To support you, we’ve helped to developed a COVID-19 Resource Center now available on Deluxe.com, our parent company. This information hub was designed to help educate and protect you, your […]

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meeting to create social media themed posts

Creating a Social Media Theme: Powerful Post Ideas

Social media is still one of the top digital marketing strategies, making it integral to any 21st-century advertising campaign. More than 80% of millennials use social media, along with 74% of GenX consumers and almost half of all baby boomers. Social media isn’t on the decline, it’s just the opposite. Baby boomers are social media’s fastest-growing audience, […]

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text-only logo

How to Design a Text-Only Logo

A logo is an essential part of a good business. Do you know the most valuable asset of major corporations? It’s not the buildings they own or the products they sell. It’s the logo and the brand. That’s what creates the feel of the company. You can do something similar to your organization. The good thing […]

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girl holding white coffee mug

Sip in Style: Personalized Coffee Thermos and Mug Ideas

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before. In fact, according to recent statistics, around 83% of adults in the US need to get their regular caffeine fix. And why wouldn’t they? Coffee enhances your mood, puts you in the mindset to get up and at ’em, and tastes great. If you’re someone who each day looks […]

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turning a hand-drawn logo into a digital file

How to Turn a Hand-Drawn Logo Into a Digital File

Are you wondering how to turn a hand-drawn sketch into a digital logo, but don’t know where to start? With all the options for creating graphics with a computer, many people are still more comfortable drawing their logo ideas physically. They appreciate having that control when creating a representation of their brand. The only problem then […]

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