Creating a Social Media Theme: Powerful Post Ideas

Social media is still one of the top digital marketing strategies, making it integral to any 21st-century advertising campaign. More than 80% of millennials use social media, along with 74% of GenX consumers and almost half of all baby boomers.

Social media isn’t on the decline, it’s just the opposite. Baby boomers are social media’s fastest-growing audience, and Generation Z is generating global attention for newer platforms like Tik Tok and Snapchat.

The question you should be asking yourself is how you can benefit from this marketing phenomenon. Discover inspiration for your social media theme with creative ideas that convert!

Align Your Social Media Theme with Your Brand

Before you can craft any clever posts, you need to get your social media house in order first. This starts with aligning your social media theme with your brand’s logo, message, colors, and commitment to follower satisfaction.

The major social media heavyweights, like Facebook and Twitter, allow you to customize your social media pages. You can choose your own profile avatar and cover images. Twitter also lets you select your page’s colors.

Look at other professional social media pages in your niche. Use your logo as your profile avatar and a high-impact design or photo as your header image.

Your social media pages should align with the look and feel of your website and brand. Once you’ve got that down, you can move on to your content strategy.

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Craft a Social Media Content Strategy

Content strategies aren’t just for blogs, websites, and product descriptions. Content marketing is critical for social media success.

Compelling posts start with research. Research the most successful social media posts in your niche. All major social media sites have advanced search features, which make mining for top posts a breeze.

What stands out about viral posts in your niche? What themes and messages got the most traction? What images did they use?

Viral brands understand their target market. The best viral social media campaigns invest time in market research to discover the best opportunities for their brand.

What common problems do their target consumers share? What values, causes, and interests do they care about most? Where do they live, and what are their goals?

You want a clear idea of who you’re trying to engage on social media.

Launch a Clever Hashtag Campaign

An excellent hashtag campaign can go a long way. Some of today’s top hashtags have already cemented themselves in pop culture.

Hashtag campaigns are suitable for sales events, product launches, seasonal sales, and more time-sensitive marketing projects. These types of marketing campaigns work best with consumer participation.

For example, you could work with popular Instagram influencers and have them post about your new products with a unique hashtag. Social media influencers regularly work with brand sponsors. This is a great way to kick off your hashtag campaign and generate more interest from the general public.

Never Miss a Real-Time Opportunity

Social media is fleeting. You never want to miss an opportunity to get noticed in users’ timelines. Leverage any special occasion, hashtag, or event that’s relevant to your brand.

Posts on trending topics accumulate by the second on social media. You can’t possibly keep up unless you have a social media monitoring tool by your side.

Monitoring tools alert you to every mention and hashtag, so you can respond quickly to users. You can also monitor all your accounts at once. Look for a social media management tool that lets you monitor, respond, follow, and post from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Ask Your Audience Questions

Monitoring your social media posts will make it a lot easier to engage with your audience, which is essential for driving web traffic and sales from social media. What makes social media so different from traditional marketing is that consumers have a direct line to brands and celebrities. You want to strengthen this relationship as much as possible.

Start asking your audience relevant questions. If you’re an outdoor clothing company, ask questions about favorite hiking spots, stories, or products. Asking questions drives engagement and provides valuable feedback for improvement.

Polls are also popular post ideas. You’ll see these a lot of these Twitter, but they can generate tens of thousands of votes! Polls are frequently overlooked in content strategies, but they’re a secret social media weapon.

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Evergreen Post Ideas

Evergreen content is just as crucial for social media marketing as time-sensitive posts. Evergreen content can be used at any time during the year. You can even reshare them without getting dragged online.

Like all high-converting content strategies, evergreen marketing starts with a question. Find out what your consumers are looking for year-round. What products are in demand during every season?

Google research is the best way to find evergreen topics your target base is interested in. You can use content discovery tools to find the highest-converting articles and posts for a given topic. You can learn a lot from articles that make it to the first page of Google.

Automate Your Content Strategy

Producing, monitoring, analyzing, and scheduling social media posts is a lot of work. Remember to choose a social media management tool that lets you automate your content strategy. Choose what to post and when to post, so you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity.

You can also automate responses to users on social media. This is an excellent way to respond to customers in different time zones. Customers love brands with 24/7 customer service.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Every second your brand is not on social media is a missed opportunity. Don’t wait to launch a content strategy that goes viral and converts.

Learn about your audience, research viral campaigns, schedule posts for optimal impact, ask questions, leverage evergreen content, and monitor your campaign for best results. Integrate social media into your broader advertising strategy for maximum results.

Use these social media theme and post ideas to take your material to the next level. Great marketing doesn’t start without a compelling logo. Check out the blog for more creating branding ideas, or get started on your logo right away!

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