Color Trends for 2020

2020 Color Trends to Include in Your Marketing Material

Without proper color, your marketing material would be nothing more than a sheet of paper or a social media post with words.  How would you ever grab the attention of your desired clientele and tell them why they need to purchase your products or services as soon as possible? Thankfully, not only do you have […]

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Two people trading business cards

Business Card Info You Don’t Want To Leave Out

The world is changing, and so is the way that we interact with each other. Despite all the new technology and advances, though, some traditional practices remain the same, and that includes business cards. Business cards are a major staple for anyone who is open to networking or building their business. They’re still a go-to […]

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girl holding white coffee mug

Sip in Style: Personalized Coffee Thermos and Mug Ideas

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before. In fact, according to recent statistics, around 83% of adults in the US need to get their regular caffeine fix. And why wouldn’t they? Coffee enhances your mood, puts you in the mindset to get up and at ’em, and tastes great. If you’re someone who each day looks […]

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pink pens and pink custom stationery

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Custom Stationery

We live in the digital age with over 3.5 billion people worldwide using the internet. Businesses have had to adapt to this digital shift in the past few decades, conducting their communications, sales, and proposals largely online.  However, business experts note that paper mail still has its place! Direct mail advertising makes it easy for businesses to track […]

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"Now Open" vinyl banner

How to Create Personalized Banners for Your Business

As a business owner, you have something to say. Personalized banners can help you say it. Whether you want to advertise an upcoming promotion, hype a new product release or simply draw foot traffic to your storefront, a banner is a visually dynamic way to do so. The good news? It’s now easier than ever to make the […]

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custom vinyl banner

The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Custom Banner for Your Business

Are your advertisements reaching enough people? Custom banners have the potential to put your message in front of a lot of new customers and quickly grow your audience. Once you grab attention, the real challenge is finding the right words and visuals to keep people interested. The impact of your message depends on the quality […]

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"brand" embossed on paper

7 Essential Tips for Better Brand Consistency

Trying to improve brand consistency? Looking for ways to create a great brand identity? When marketing and building a business or brand, it’s crucial that you have a clear, concise and consistent message. If you send too many conflicting signals to potential customers, they may have a hard time understanding what you’re all about and why […]

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keynote speaker at conference event

A Comprehensive Guide to Event Branding

Have you considered hosting an event to promote your brand? You don’t have to be a large company to pull off this impactful marketing strategy. According to Home Business Magazine, hosting an event fosters brand awareness and increases your connections. The key to hosting a powerful event is Event Branding. Think of your event as your brand […]

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The Worst Promo Products (And What To Order Instead)

83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promotional product. But with 89% of people receiving at least one promotional product in the past 6 months, you have quite a bit of competition. Luckily, you can help your brand stand out by choosing the right giveaways. Ideally, you want […]

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restaurant owner outside promoting her business

How To Make Your Storefront Stand Out This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to attract new and curious customers to your storefront. Whether you’re located in a small town or big city, you know how hard it can be to get customers to walk through your door – especially if you have competition around the corner or down the street. Many customers during […]

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