10 endroits astucieux où laisser vos cartes de visite

10 Brilliant Places to Leave Business Cards

Business cards and online marketing are constantly viewed as opposites fighting for dominance. Yet, not only do they coexist; digital media is making it easier to create and use business cards. If you don’t already keep a stack of cards handy, here’s why you should. Business cards provide a wide range of contact information all […]

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St. Patrick's Day

12 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas for Local Businesses

Hoping you can channel some good luck to boost St. Patrick’s Day sales this year? Holidays are a perfect time to ride the wave of merrymaking and attract more business. With hordes of people looking for fun ways to celebrate, you have ripe moments to grab attention. St. Patrick’s Day will be over before you […]

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t-shirts in multiple colors

10 Clever T-Shirt Promotion Ideas to Try This Year

Promotional giveaways are a shortcut to getting your products into consumer hands (and homes). 81 percent of consumers hold onto promotional products longer than a year, and eight in 10 people give a freebie to someone else, even if they don’t keep it for themselves. While any freebie can spark interest in your business, T-shirts […]

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Man walking an Irish Setter

10 Smart Reasons Your Business Should Sponsor an Event

Creating an image of success and authority for your business is a smart way to win more customers. People are comfortable doing business with companies they trust to meet their expectations. If your business looks profitable, customers believe you can deliver what they need. Now, imagine how your reputation soars when you work alongside other […]

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heart-shaped Valentine's day gift boxes

12 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas to Try

No one can blame you for getting behind on Valentine’s Day promotions. Most people are still clearing away Christmas decorations and comparing New Year’s resolutions when February rolls around. The next thing you know, everyone is scrambling for ways to impress a sweetheart. In a 2018 Offers.com survey, 32 percent of consumers said they wait […]

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money attracted to magnet

12 Tactics to Amp Up Your Local Marketing Strategy in 2018

The beginning of a new year is a time to audit your small business efforts and regroup. So, you didn’t get that blog started like you planned? Now’s the time to follow through on resolutions to grow your small business. Making your mark doesn’t have to consume all your time or budget. With a smart […]

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chalkboard drawing of person climbing latter

Stand Out: How to Differentiate Your Business From Competitors

In the business world, three doesn’t make a crowd. It makes a marketplace. Few business owners get to work in an industry of one. Unless you’re bringing a completely new idea to market, you’ll always have competitors selling similar products. Fortunately, competition doesn’t kill business. It drives quality, innovation, and branding. Differentiation in business — […]

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9 Creative & Budget-Friendly Holiday Marketing Ideas

Every year, the holiday season sparks a nationwide transformation. Customers who normally need to warm up to a purchase stay in a perpetual buying mood. An indulgent spirit spreads throughout the population, building enthusiasm for great deals. And shoppers finally give in and treat themselves to products they put off buying all year. The National […]

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Thanksgiving marketing ideas

10 Original Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

If you haven’t noticed, Thanksgiving is a holiday of stark opposites. It’s one of the most sentimental times of the year … and the start of a mad buying frenzy. It’s about slowing down to spend time with friends and family. Yet, shoppers go into rush mode as they scour stores and websites for the […]

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woman excited for Black Friday shopping

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday: Which to Choose?

As a small business owner, you already know splitting your focus in too many ways is a recipe for failure. Although wearing a lot of hats is part of the job, tackling one problem at a time is the best way to make real progress. So what do you do when three of the biggest […]

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