Example logo on coffee mug

Marketing With Promotional Mugs: Warm Up New Prospects With Custom Drinkware

Any good salesperson knows that planting the first seed of interest in a prospective customer is half the battle. Most people instinctively say “no” to sales pitches, which doesn’t make it easy to break through to new customers. Introducing people to your brand in a friendly, approachable manner can help you get past this obstacle. […]

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white cotton promotional tote bags

Hunting for New Customers? Use Custom Tote Bags to Optimize Brand Awareness

We all have the tendency to accumulate more items than we can keep track of. Thanks to our shared penchant for clutter, bags are an indispensable accessory. Bags provide all-purpose storage for everything from portable electronics to baby supplies, making them relevant to all markets. Just imagine how often your customers load up a tote […]

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woman on her cell phone holding shopping bags

Customer Retention Strategy: How to Win Repeat Business

Getting repeat business from new customers is beneficial to everyone involved. Customers are able to enjoy friendly, reliable service from a familiar business. You earn a reputation for pleasing your customers and steady profit that requires a much smaller investment than a first-time sale. Consumers place a high value on a great shopping experience, and […]

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mini shopping card with packages on laptop

You Have a Business Logo, Now What? 7 Ways to Get Customers

Every small business owner dreams of inventing a perfect marketing plan that can attract new customers like a magnet. But customer acquisition isn’t a one-time hurdle you can check off your to-do list. It takes patience, flexibility, and nonstop research to find creative ways to reach new audiences. Creating a focused brand strategy is the […]

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Animated image of various promotional products

How to Choose Engaging Promotional Products for Your Customers

Marketing your business with custom promotional products is a slow process, and you can’t easily measure your success in simple terms of profit and loss. The goal of promotional marketing is to boost outreach and recognition, creating a long-term source of new business. Roughly eight in 10 people own between one and 10 promotional items. Of […]

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Sales funnel business concept drawing

9 Mother’s Day Promotions to Use on Other Holidays

Mother’s Day brings out droves of sentimental shoppers looking for thoughtful ways to show appreciation. The National Retail Federation expects 86 percent of Americans to celebrate in 2018, shelling out an average of $180 per person. Total spending is projected to reach $23.1 billion. But, what about other holidays? Start preparing your promotions early because there’s […]

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consulting business card example

5 Trends in Business Card Design You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever gone for lunch at a restaurant and seen the big fishbowl filled with business cards? Did you add your business card into the mix with the hopes of being chosen for that free meal? You probably noticed that most of the other cards are plain, with white backgrounds and just a little […]

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man wearing custom t-shirt

3 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Build Your Brand

Try to remember your last trip to a mall or other big, public space. As humans, it’s in our nature to notice others — what they are wearing, saying, and what they look like. We’re willing to bet that there were branded t-shirts featuring logos all around you. You probably noticed a Nike swoosh, a […]

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Promoting Your Small Business with Pen Marketing

7 Clever Ideas for Promoting Your Small Business with Pen Marketing

Pen advertisements help promote small businesses–it happens all the time. You’re in the car or a store and you have to write something down. You find that old envelope you’ve been carrying around, but now you need something to write with. You scour the glove compartment or reach into your briefcase and you find one. […]

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Word of Mouth Promotion - The Good & Bad

5 Brilliant Examples of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Happy, engaged customers are the most effective tool for marketing your business. People get excited when they hear about great products from friends and family. Roughly 82 percent of Americans turn to their personal network for product recommendations, according to a 2016 Harris Poll. And 67 percent of people say they’re more likely to make […]

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