Hunting for New Customers? Use Custom Tote Bags to Optimize Brand Awareness

We all have the tendency to accumulate more items than we can keep track of. Thanks to our shared penchant for clutter, bags are an indispensable accessory.

Bags provide all-purpose storage for everything from portable electronics to baby supplies, making them relevant to all markets.

Just imagine how often your customers load up a tote bag and head to work, the grocery store, the gym, or a local park. Are you also picturing the crowds of people who might come in contact with your customers (and this walking billboard) every single day?

The Advertising Specialty Institute found that branded bags earn more advertising impressions than any other type of promotional product. In the U.S. alone, 50 percent of consumers own a promotional bag. So, it’s no surprise that bags generate twice as many views as promotional shirts and outerwear.

If you’re running out of ideas to attract new customers, use promotional tote bags to shake up your marketing strategy.

Why Promotional Bags Work

The benefits of a great promotional product far exceed the cost. Custom tote bags have the marketing mojo to amplify your message while building goodwill among your followers.

Design branded bags to grab attention and keep people in touch with your business long after the first encounter. Over time, this simple promotional tool provides four key advantages that help you grow your business faster.

1. Low Cost

Both traditional and digital ad media run for fixed periods. You have to pay ongoing costs to keep campaigns funded. Promotional products cost roughly seven cents per impression, compared to 3.2 cents for newspaper advertising and one cent for mobile ads, according to ASI.

The upfront cost of promotional products is a one-time expense. And whether you sell promotional bags or give them away as freebies, the value of your investment increases the longer your products stay in circulation.

2. Staying Power

Custom tote bags combine a mega-trio of marketable traits. They’re visual, functional, and portable. Not only do they solve an everyday problem, but also bags are made to be carried in public where they can gain lots of local exposure.

On average, consumers hold onto promotional bags for about seven months. People are also reluctant to throw away promotional products that are useful, even if they aren’t personally interested. One study found that only 20 percent of U.S. consumers toss an unwanted item, while 63 percent offer promotional products to someone else.

Gifting is good for business; it exposes your brand to both the original and secondary recipients. People who have seen your promotional products may seek out your business in the future, whether or not they keep the item.

3. Relevance

Logo tote bags are a safe bet for targeting a diverse audience. While all products have a demographic sweet spot, promotional bags resonate with people of various ages, socio-economic groups, and occupations.

As an added benefit, both men and women love bags. About 57 percent of U.S. women and 42 percent of men own promotional bags. You can easily choose a gender-neutral design to fit your customer base.

4. High Retention

In a study by Promotional Products Association International, one in two people said they own a promotional product they routinely wear or carry around throughout the day.

Wearable accessories consistently offer a high success rate because they appeal to human nature. Consider how many times a day you check out what other people are wearing. Visual displays are one of the fastest ways to convey memorable information.

As we navigate our daily surroundings, we look around for visual cues that fascinate us or help us make quick decisions. Turn this universal habit to your advantage by putting your brand message in attractive, visible locations that consumers can’t resist.

Growing Your Audience With Promotional Bags

Choosing the right time and place to give out promotional bags has a big impact on brand recall. When you use physical items for promotion, people remember the experience of interacting with your business and handling the product for the first time. Aim to create memorable moments by showcasing promotional bags when your audience is most receptive.

  • In-Store Events

Reward current and referred customers for showing up to events hosted at your business. People who come out to support your events are exactly the type of ambassadors your brand needs. This highly motivated group is excited about what your business has to offer and happy to spread positive messages after a good experience.

  • Pre-Order and Subscription Incentives

Show appreciation for loyal customers who consistently bring you business. Offer a thank you gift when customers pre-order a product, upgrade to expensive packages, or subscribe to a long-term service. Customers who continually choose your brand are most likely to use your branded bags, making them beneficial recipients.

  • Employee Welcome Package

Employees have the greatest potential to endorse your brand far and wide. Bring new hires into the fold with a welcome gift. How about a promotional tote bag filled with first day essentials, such as desk supplies or orientation packets?

An enthusiastic staff is a sign of a healthy business. Plus, your team has the most insight about your brand values and the good work you do for customers. Consumers are compelled to learn about your business when employees carry your branded merch and speak authentically about the company.

  • Retail Shopping

Retail settings and casual restaurants, such as cafes, are the most natural places to market logo tote bags to loyal customers. You can recover a portion of the production cost by selling branded bags in stores or promoting them as eco-friendly shopping bags.

Go a step further, and offer free bags with a minimum purchase amount, such as $50. Loyal customers have incentive to spend a little more for attractive merch. Change up your stock from time to time with themed or seasonal designs to keep customers interested.

  • Fairs and Charity Events

Do you regularly run a booth at craft fairs or participate in charity events? High-traffic local events are good places to display your branded tote bags and give out freebies to people who donate to causes or join your email list.

  • Public Speaking Events

Conferences and seminars tend to attract an engaged audience, so they’re great places to spread brand awareness. At public speaking events, you have the opportunity to show your expertise and get the audience excited to take action. Capitalize on that proactive energy by leaving your audience with an easy way to keep your business top of mind.

As you move forward, focus on ways you can tailor your marketing strategy to best suit your target audience. How and where are your customers most likely to use tote bags? Which customer segments have the greatest reach and influence?

Be thoughtful about how you integrate text and logos. Your branding should be easy to recognize with print large enough to read from a distance.

Many companies use promotional items to stand out, and a poorly made design will quickly get lost in the crowd. Make sure your product provides value to your customers, so they choose to use your tote bags in their everyday lives.

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