7 Ways to Use Your Construction Logo on Promotional Products

Winning more business in the construction industry is all about getting to know people in your area. Construction projects are often a significant expense with a direct impact on a customer’s daily life or livelihood. Clients want assurance that you’re a skilled and trustworthy professional before committing to a contract.

Use your construction logo on promotional products to acquaint new audiences with your brand. Promotional items introduce your branding into a customer’s natural environment, where it’s easier to build credibility. Try these creative ways to showcase your logo, market your brand, and attract new business.

How to use your new construction logo

1. Send Engaging Postcards

Take a lesson from internet memes, and make your business stand out with funny, attention-grabbing postcards. Memes and cartoons feature simple images that play on your emotions, telling a relatable story in an instant.

Postcards can have a similar impact when you lead with humor and not pushy advertising. Most property owners know what it’s like to be stressed out by sudden mishaps and delayed improvement projects. A broken boiler in the basement. A custom shed. Shoddy kitchen cabinets in desperate need of a remodel. An outdated storefront that’s begging for fresh paint and new windows.

Use postcards to show customers the pitfalls of ignoring property problems for too long. You can also branch out to loosely related topics, as long as the overall concept supports your brand promise.

EXAMPLES: Shower meme, In the doghouse cartoon

Remember to let the visuals speak for themselves. A Promotional Products Association International study found that consumers are most attracted to ads with visual appeal and clear messaging. Give readers a strong incentive to flip over the card and learn more about your company.

2. Give Logoed Tools As Promotional Gifts

Imagine receiving a branded utility knife from a local roofing contractor. It’s a high-quality tool, so you routinely use it for minor cutting and maintenance projects. You’re impressed that the company invested in a useful, well-made product and your initial feelings about the brand are positive.

When your roof starts showing signs of damage, what do you do next? Chances are, you contact the contractor who gave you a first-rate promotional item. You’ve seen the name so many times that it’s the first one you think of.

Tap into the power of brand recognition with promotional products that speak to your audience. Who are your core customers? Where do they live and work? What challenges do they face, and what tools do they use in their everyday lives? What equipment do they need for DIY projects? Choose items your customers will keep for years and use repeatedly, such as:

  • Tape measures
  • Multi-tools
  • Box cutters
  • Tool bags and organizers
  • Flashlights
  • Work gloves
  • Safety flashers

By offering something useful to your audience, you motivate people to reach out when they need professional expertise.

3. Display Magnetic Signs on Company Vehicles

Magnetic signs transform your company vehicles into moving billboards at a fraction of the cost of a car or van wrap. Car magnets travel wherever you do, which exposes your business logo to audiences with a direct link to your current customers. Consider the benefits:

  • High visibility: Magnets are readable from a distance and cars are frequently parked in visible locations.
  • Flexibility: Magnets let you switch up your messaging to promote different services.
  • Range: Vehicles cover a broad service area, bringing in more leads.
  • Brand recall: People close to your customers get repeat exposure to your brand.

Car magnets are highly cost-effective when you’re running a small-scale operation. You can temporarily attach magnetic signs to your car or rotate them between a small fleet of vehicles. Either way, your construction logo stays front and center at critical touchpoints.

4. Print Custom Apparel for Staff

Embrace every opportunity to display your construction logo at public events and work sites. Apparel is more effective at creating interest than traditional advertising methods. People instinctively look at what their peers are wearing, which gives your message a visual boost.

Outfit your staff with shirts and hats customized with your business logo. Long- or short-sleeve T-shirts are an excellent option for field crews, who often wear comfortable layers under a work vest. Choose button-down or polo shirts to give office staff and managers a clean, uniform look.

Custom apparel also allows you to distinguish your team at business functions, such as fundraisers and trade shows. Placing visual cues around your display makes your brand memorable.

5. Personalize Your Office Supplies

The way you present yourself when meeting with clients has a significant impact on your success rate. Show clients that you’re a professional by using personalized office supplies in all your business interactions.

Do you use carpenter pencils for marking surfaces every day? Do you carry notebooks and pens for field notes? Maybe, you like to organize project proposals in folders or print contracts on custom stationery. Focus on the supplies you regularly use in your office or for onsite communication with clients.

6. Order Business Cards for Employees

Who is in the best position to talk up your business and brag about impressive projects? That’s right, employees. Your staff are the perfect people to act as brand ambassadors. They understand the problems your clients face and how to pitch your services naturally.

Offer to print business cards for employees, so they can easily share your contact details. Personal cards are empowering and give your staff a sense of investment in your business.

Employees have broad social reach beyond your company. The everyday conversations they have at home gatherings, stores, community events, and even church can lead to potential clients. Whether it’s a friend in need of drywall repairs or a neighbor who wants a beautiful garden wall, your next job can come from anywhere.

7. Place Custom Banners at Work Sites

Don’t be afraid to brag about projects you’re currently working on. For many construction-based businesses, your portfolio is on public display in your community.

Are you doing skilled masonry work or painting in a visible location? Building a home or store from the ground up? Installing solar panels or siding on a house? Use this to your advantage and get permission from the property owner to put up a promotional banner or lawn sign at the worksite.

People passing by are often curious about construction projects in progress. By putting up a sign, you provide all the information they need to learn more or book your services.

A construction logo is just one component of your brand, but it’s the most recognizable one. Put your logo to work as a promotional tool, introducing your brand wherever you go.

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