7 Clever Ideas for Promoting Your Small Business with Pen Marketing

Pen advertisements help promote small businesses–it happens all the time. You’re in the car or a store and you have to write something down. You find that old envelope you’ve been carrying around, but now you need something to write with.

You scour the glove compartment or reach into your briefcase and you find one. Singing small praises, you write down what you need and then notice the logo on the pen…and you remember that you’ve been meaning to give that business a call.

This is a happy ending for everyone. The pen saves the day again, in more ways than one. Not only did you find something to write with, but you’re reminded of something else you need and—most importantly—where to get it.

The Promotional Power of the Pen

As a business owner, you’re working hard to build your company (and your brand) and you want to drive awareness of your products or services. Promotional items are an effective way to support your efforts. A classic pen is still the preferred writing tool–and a crowd-pleasing promotional item, even in our increasingly digital and technology-driven age.

It’s something everyone needs and keep around somewhere, whether that’s a jacket, car, briefcase or purse. Here’s proof that the pen is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business:

  • Writing instruments tie with the bag for the lowest cost per impression of any other promotional product
  • 69% of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they deemed it useful
  • 77% consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the #1 reason to keep it, with writing instruments ranked among the most useful

So if you’re convinced to print your business logo on the most consistent writing instrument in the history of the human race, then you’re probably wondering how to get those pens (and your brand) into the hands that need them. Here are seven effective ways your use pens to promote your business:

Keep Pens On-Hand At the Store or Office

If you own a brick and mortar store or have a small office where you deal with customers face-to-face, having a small bucket of pens on display is a nice touch.

Oftentimes, customers need to write something down or sign a receipt and if they see a pen nearby, they’ll ask to use it. If they see a bunch of free pens, though, they’ll grab one—or even several to share.  They’ll use it and then tuck it away until days, weeks or even months later, when they’ll use that pen again and be reminded of you. And staying top of mind is always good for business.

Bring Them to Professional Events

Conventions and trade shows are fantastic places to network and promote your business, and these events always feature great giveaways. Businesses offer up everything from T-Shirts and bags to toys made to help promote their brand.

Often these freebies are given out in little packages, which, more often than not, contain a custom-branded pen. Even if you’re not going that far with the creative swag, don’t worry. You’ll still find people who go around and collect pens, so make sure yours are right out there in front to grab.

Consider Pens the Classic Sales Call Leave-Behind

Going on sales calls takes fortitude and determination. You want to sell your business and ensure the person you’re wooing becomes a loyal customer. You pour your heart and soul into the pitch and you want it to resonate so you’re remembered long after you’ve finished talking to the customer.

What better way than to leave a small token, a useful little instrument that will remind the customer of you later on?  When you’re busy selling, grab a bunch of your branded pens and gleefully hand them out to anyone who wants one. You’ll be surprised how many you’ll hand out.

Dare to be Different With A “Handy” Business Card Replacement

Business cards are a necessary, time-honored tradition to get your brand name out there and share your contact information. But times are changing. You can put everything about your business on the internet and need to get people to visit your website. You could put your business details on a card, but why not print it on a pen?

It doesn’t need to be a replacement for a business card, but look at it as a way to make your business information more useful. Besides, business cards get accidentally thrown away when people clean out their pockets. Pens usually get saved from the clutches of the garbage can.

Show Support With Community Event Freebies

Standing up for a good cause is a socially conscious way to get your brand out there in front of the right people. Every community has events that promote awareness or raise money for charities, and local businesses always like to get involved. If you take part in these events with a booth or table, have pens available as giveaways.

You can go one step further and have custom pens made to reflect the spirit of the event: a pink bow for breast cancer awareness or a “Happy 100th Anniversary” for your town’s centennial celebration. You’re supporting your community and your brand will be better for it.

Include Them in Your Mailings

If you ship packages to customers or like to send out promotional kits, company-branded pens can be a nice little extra to toss in the envelope or box.  Everyone likes it when something they ordered comes in the mail—and if they open the package to find a couple of pens, they’ll be doubly delighted.

Even if the contents of the package don’t last forever, they can make use of your pen for a lot longer than you think. And what’s more, inserting a bulky pen into a direct mail package will increase the odds that the lumpy envelope gets opened and your business gets noticed.

Cross-Promote With Local Businesses

As a business, you know the power of networking. It’s amazing how easily you can pull in business when you get others talking. Networking with other local business owners is an essential way to get your name and service offerings out to the people looking for them.

Partner up with that fantastic Italian restaurant down the street or the realtor across the way—and give them some of your branded pens. In return, take a box of their branded magnets or sticky notes and promote their business with your customers.

Ready to Start Marketing with Pens?

There’s no shortage of ways that a pen can be used to get your brand name out there and help bring in new business. Some people might a pen is just something to write with, but its versatility for visibility is unsurpassed. To make your branded pens the best they can be, follow these simple best practices:

  • Share the need-to-knows: Your pen should feature your logo/business name, web address and phone number, so people know who you are and how to find you.
  • Keep it simple: Including too much information or using small, hard-to-read fonts diminishes readability and can look unprofessional.
  • Use high-quality images for your logo: The artwork will look its best and help you put your best foot (pen) forward.

Once you start getting your pens out there, you just might find that the simple pen is truly mightier than you realize.

Explore a wide selection of promotional pen products and start your pen-based marketing campaign today!

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