Sip in Style: Personalized Coffee Thermos and Mug Ideas

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before. In fact, according to recent statistics, around 83% of adults in the US need to get their regular caffeine fix. And why wouldn’t they? Coffee enhances your mood, puts you in the mindset to get up and at ’em, and tastes great.

If you’re someone who each day looks forward to their morning cup of joe, then you know the importance of finding the perfect mug to drink out of. Cool mugs you can get at the store are great, but what if we told you that there’s an even better alternative? What if we told you that you could personalize and customize a coffee cup or thermos and drink out of the mug of your dreams?

Well, you can, and it’s an affordable venture to boot. Read on to learn how to design (and obtain) a personalized coffee thermos so that you can wake up in the brightest possible way each and every day.

Colors and Patterns

One of the first things you’ll do when designing your custom coffee mug is to choose the background color that your design will stand out on. You want to choose something that you like as well as a hue that will ensure that your image or text will stand out (without clashing.) There are a lot of factors that go into making this choice. Color psychology is also crucial to consider- yellow is one of the best coffee cup colors because it invokes the feelings of warmth and energy.

If you want to, you can also put a pattern in the background of your coffee mug. Geometric or organic shapes look awesome, especially when they either complement a simple design or are the main focus of your coffee cup themselves.

Importance of a Name

Most people who create a personalized coffee mug will understandably want their name somewhere on it. This is the perfect way to make your cup your own while still remaining subtle and not overtaking the entire design. Choose a font that you love and put your name and initials anywhere you want them. The text can be small and subtle or loud and proud- it’s all up to you!

Your Personal Logo

One of the coolest things you can do with customized items is to create a personal logo and incorporate it onto your cup. While businesses do this all the time, lots of individuals don’t realize that it’s also an avenue open to them. It is, though, and you should rock it!

You can work with an expert designer to figure out the perfect logo for you, but it’s best to consider in advance what you might want to put on the logo. Your initials tend to be a good start, as does a minimalist image that represents either an aspect of your personality or something important to you. Consider a clip art of a musical instrument you play or a symbol representing one of your core values.

People, Pets, and Places

If you want to go all-out and have an image to be the main focus of your mug, you’re in luck. Starting your day by looking at someone or something that matters to you is a good way to get off on the right foot and feel motivated for the day ahead.

A photograph of you and your partner is perfect because it reminds you of what you’re working for. Someone you love can make you feel motivated in a way that nothing else can, especially when it’s someone you’re working for a future with. If you’re single, that’s no problem- a photo with beloved friends or family will remind you of those you’re trying to do proud and make sure you reminisce on the good times as you pour the liquid into your cup.

Photos of pets are also the perfect images to display on your mug. Not only will they make you feel warm, happy, and loving inside, but they’ll start conversations with people around you who want to hear about your adorable animal. Place pictures can also be a conversation-starter since others will want to hear about the places you’ve been and why they’re important to you.

There are so many options for photo mugs that you can’t possibly go wrong!

The Characters You Love

Another part of the human condition is bonding with fictional characters in a way that we often don’t relate to even the people we love most. If you’re someone who loves a fictional character, don’t be ashamed- show that character off on your custom mug instead! Whether from a book, show, or film, you’ll think about the character and what they represent to you when you drink your coffee every morning.

Incorporating fiction into your coffee mug is also a great way to make new friends. When people recognize the character on your mug, you’ll strike up conversations with people who already guarantee to have a similar interest to you!

Get Your Personalized Coffee Thermos

While getting your cup of joe every morning is important, the mug you use is just as crucial to putting you in the right mood to get cracking on what you need to do that day.

Now that you know the benefits of a personalized coffee thermos or mug, it’s time to start designing something for you to drink out of. Learn more about our customizable mugs that can be used to either express yourself personally or market your business. You can design them right on our webpage by clicking the ‘design yours now’ button at the bottom of the link!

Have fun waking up in style!

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