7 Essential Tips for Better Brand Consistency

Trying to improve brand consistency?

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When marketing and building a business or brand, it’s crucial that you have a clear, concise and consistent message. If you send too many conflicting signals to potential customers, they may have a hard time understanding what you’re all about and why they should purchase from you.

Because of this, you need to take measures to improve your brand and ensure that you’re staying consistent when marketing your business.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you how you can improve brand consistency.

1. Create an Amazing Logo

The first step to creating brand consistency is to ensure that your business has an amazing logo that you can use across your website, your social media pages, your products, and your marketing materials. Once you have a great logo, make sure that you use it often.

Your logo will be the thing that people associate with your brand and when you create one that stands out it will make your brand seem more professional as well. By using your logo often both online and offline, your business will seem like a brand that has a strong and consistent identity.

2. Establish Your Message

One crucial part of building brand consistency is to clearly establish your brand message. You need to know what your company’s values are and have an idea of what you plan to accomplish with your business.

Most of all, you need to outline your mission, your values, and your overall brand vision. Create a mission statement that describes what your brand is all about and what it hopes to accomplish in the world. You should also define your brand’s core values and identify the problem that you’re solving in the market.

In addition to these things, you should also think about your brand voice as well to ensure you’re expressing these values to the world, in the same way, every time.


3. Repurpose Your Content

Once you put a piece of content out into the world such as a video or a blog post, don’t just let it fade into obscurity. Consider repurposing any content that you create and re-using it in a different form.

It can be useful to reuse content and materials that you’ve created in the past, and by doing so, your brand will seem like it has a more consistent and clear message. When you use the same graphics repeatedly and when you repurpose the same content in new ways it will seem like your business has a more defined purpose.

4. Write a Branding Style Guide

It’s also a great idea to create a branding style guide that you use in your company. This way, every employee can refer to this when creating new graphics and materials for your business.

If you have multiple employees working on marketing materials and campaigns for your business it’s important that you set some written parameters for them to refer to. Let them know what is and isn’t acceptable when creating materials that represent your business.

In this guide, you should lay out any requirements you have for color schemes, logo usage, acceptable graphics styles, and typography. You should also consider giving guidelines on your brand voice and how your company name should be used.

5. Create a Library of Visuals

As part of a branding style guide, you should also build a library of visuals and graphics for employees to use as well. In addition to several versions of your company logo, this may also include other company images, graphics, headers, videos, and anything else you use for marketing and branding purposes that can be used time and time again.

Create a  catalog of these visuals that your employees can easily access and refer back to and pull from as needed. If you have many people working to create marketing materials for your business this will help to make it all seem more cohesive.

6. Develop a Standardized Approval Process

In addition to creating a style guide, you should also create a uniform approval process as well. Having a standardized approval procedure will help you ensure that your branding materials are always top-notch and consistent with the quality that you require.

In a smaller business, it may be possible for you to look at everything that is created and personally sign off on it all. For a larger business, however, it may be necessary to form a branding committee to check the quality and consistency of materials.

Whatever your process may be, make sure that you standardize it. This way, both marketing and branding materials can quickly flow from creation to release.

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7. Make Sure Your Team Is On the Same Page

If you want to strive for true consistency with your brand then it’s important that your employees are on board. Make sure your employees understand the importance of brand consistency as well. It’s a great idea to have meetings and to communicate with your team to let them know about your plans.

Bring up the importance of brand identity and consistency regularly to ensure that everyone is on board and that each person will help with your efforts. By ensuring your entire team understands the importance of consistency and has access to your branding style guide, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your brand message.

Using These Tips to Improve Brand Consistency

If you’re trying to improve your business, creating more brand consistency is essential. Building better brand consistency can help make your business more effective and will have a positive effect on all of your marketing efforts. Be sure to use the above tips if you want to have the easiest time improving brand consistency in your business.

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