The Best Customer Thank You Gifts for 2021

The start of a brand-new year means brand-new opportunities to grow your business. After the challenges of the past 12 months, we’re all placing greater value on personal health and safety than ever before, and customers will remain loyal to the businesses that share those values. This trend is reflected in our predictions for the hottest customer thank you gifts of 2021: personalized hand sanitizer and antimicrobial pens.

Personalized Antimicrobial Pens

Sample Image of our Antimicrobial Click Ballpoint Pens in white light blue red navy green black trim colors
Design custom anti-microbial pens with your logo and contact info in minutes. Try it now!

It’s probably happened to you sometime during the past year: you’re out shopping, need to sign something, and have to use a pen from the cup next to the cash register. In normal times, no one thought twice about using one, but then 2020 happened and now no one wants to use a communal pen if they can help it.

Now imagine if you kept your register stocked with antimicrobial pens that stayed more sanitary to begin with. Better yet, imagine giving every customer their own antimicrobial pen to keep (so clean, plus convenient!). Who wouldn’t prefer that?

Why custom antimicrobial ballpoint pens are a great customer thank you gift:

  • Antimicrobial coating helps fight the spread of germs
  • Show customers how much you care about their health and safety
  • Low price: just $1.10 each for 50 pens
  • Every time a customer uses their pen, they’ll see your business’s name and logo.

Choose from two styles of antimicrobial ballpoint pens: classic click-top with streamlined plastic barrel, or a premium version with a comfortable gel grip.

Custom Hand Sanitizer

Sample Image of our Custom Hand Sanitizer
Design custom hand sanitizer bottles printed with your logo and contact information in minutes. Get started now!

Personalized hand sanitizer is another customer thank you gift idea that checks all the boxes for 2021: it’s something people want to bring wherever they go, will use multiple times a day, and can be customized with a full-color label featuring the logo design of your choice.

These portable bottles can be refilled with your favorite hand sanitizer, so customers, employees or anyone else who receives one can keep using this gift (and seeing your logo) all year long. Include them as a gift with purchase to thank customers for their support, and watch positive word-of-mouth spread!

Why custom hand sanitizer makes a great 2021 thank you gift:

  • Hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol (compliant with CDC guidelines)
  • Mini 2-oz. size fits easily into pockets, purses, backpacks, dopp kits, makeup bags and more
  • Low price: just $2.00 per bottle

Antimicrobial Thank You Gifts for Your Business

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to promotional products for customer thank you gifts, so it’s important to pick ones that will stand out to your customers.

Our antimicrobial pens  and mini hand sanitizers can be customized to feature any full-color design you choose, so put your logo somewhere they’ll see it all the time: front and center on practical, helpful gifts they’ll want to use every day in 2021. (Not sure if this is the right gift idea for your business? Use our easy interactive editor tool to upload your logo and see it on these items in real time.)

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