Have you decided to create a logo for your business? If so, this is a wise business decision. Having a logo can boost brand awareness, make your company come off as more professional to your audience, as well as allow you to advertise on promotional materials such as mugs and t-shirts.

If you are have never designed a logo before, there are a few logo design tips beginners should keep in mind, such as choosing the right shape, color, size and message on the logo that you want to convey to your customers. Ask yourself a few key questions: What are the core values of your business? What logo designs have your industry competitors chosen? How and where will you use your logos? These questions should all be answered before you begin the logo design process. The best part about designing a business logo is that the whole process can be done online using specific logo design software.

How To Design a Logo Online

First, choose what type of online logo design software you want to use. If you are graced with stellar artistic abilities, you may want to try your hand at Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. Keep in mind that these design programs can get quite costly but when used correctly they can produce beautiful results. If you are looking to spend money elsewhere (such as on designing your website or ordering promotional materials), then we suggest designing your company logo using free or more affordable logo design software such as Pixlr, Canva, CorelDRAW or GIMP.

Need some more help and guidance when creating a logo? We recommend opting for free logo maker software which is perfect for beginners who want a simple yet custom business logo.

Using Free Logo Design Software to Create a Logo

  1. Start Your Logo. Simply select what industry your business is in, then type in the name of your business. If you have a business slogan that is less than 30 characters, you can include this on your logo as well. The last thing you’ll need to fill out on the first step is the type of logo you’re looking for. In the example below, we’ve chosen “food.”
    Step 1 of Logo Making Process
  2. Choose a Design. With our free logo maker software, you can choose up to three logo styles. Our logo design company believes that business owners should have options when it comes to selecting the perfect logo. At this stage you can select a few options for the general layout of your logo.
    Step 2 of logo making process
  3. Select a Font. Decide how to want the text on your logo to look. Are you interested in a modern, traditional, elegant or bold appearance? Our logo design software offers hundreds of different types of fonts. Just narrow your options down to three choices at this stage.
    Step 3 of logo making process
  4. Pick a Layout. Where do you want your logo icon to be positioned relative to your business name and/or slogan? Choosing a layout is essential, especially if you are considering adding your new logo to your website or promotional materials. Not all logo layouts will fit on every surface, to choose wisely.
    Step 4 of logo making process
  5. Decide on a Logo. This is the fun part! At Free Logo Services, we’ve created thousands of free logo designs that you can choose from that best represent your business. Once you find a logo that best suits your needs, hover over it and select either “Save Logo” if you like the look of the logo as is, or select “Edit” if you wish to change the layout. A window will appear with multiple variations of your chosen logo from which you can choose one option.
    Step 5 of logo making process
  6. Edit Your Logo. Want to change the color of the logo icon, business name, or slogan? At this stage in the logo making process, you can click on a section of your business logo to change the color, text, font style and font size. You can also rest assured knowing that you can undo, redo, or completely reset your editorial work if you aren’t satisfied with the appearance. We invite you to take as much time as you need at this stage. Once you’re done creating your masterpiece, click “Save.”
    Step 6 of logo making process
    BONUS STEP: Business Cards & Free Domain. No business is complete without a stack of professionally printed and designed business cards. Business cards are an easy way to network within your industry at trade shows, as well as pass out to customers after they’ve purchased at your storefront. Also, if you don’t already have a website for your business, we recommend purchasing a domain to complete your business branding. It’s important to streamline all of your online and offline marketing, and that starts with a similar domain name to your company name. If you would rather wait on the business cards and domain name, then just opt to just save your logo.
    Step 7 of logo making processStep 7 cont. of logo making process
  7. Save Your Logo. We make saving and storing your logo as easy as possible on our online logo maker site. Be sure to fill out the country you are located in, the email address that you would like notifications about your saved logo sent to, as well as a password. Our secure servers will then store your logo under the “My Account & Projects” section of our website which you can revisit any time you come back to the website.
    Step 8 of logo making process

While you can certainly wait to purchase your logo, we recommend buying it today so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We understand that a lot of time, financial resources, and energy is invested in starting or rebranding a business, which is why our goal is to make creating a company logo as simple as possible. It’s time to get creative and design a logo for your business in 7 easy steps.