3 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Build Your Brand

Try to remember your last trip to a mall or other big, public space. As humans, it’s in our nature to notice others — what they are wearing, saying, and what they look like. We’re willing to bet that there were branded t-shirts featuring logos all around you. You probably noticed a Nike swoosh, a sports team mascot, some rock band you’ve never heard of, or even a local business. T-shirts really are “walking billboards” for the brand that they represent. 

Guess what? That’s marketing at work. At least one of those t-shirts put the name of something in your head and maybe peaked your curiosity to investigate the business further. Maybe you pulled out your phone to do a quick web search.

T-Shirts: Promotional Products or Walking Billboards?

Small business owners know that marketing their name and brand is an important part of being successful, especially in today’s climate where the competition is fierce and certain segments of the market are brand loyal. A custom t-shirt is one of the greatest marketing tools for building awareness of your brand: they are literally walking advertisements for you. But slapping your company logo on a shirt is just the first step.

How can you use branded t-shirts effectively? Here are 3 things to try:

1. On your Customers – Since t-shirts are quite affordable, you can have large quantities made to distribute to your customers. A few ideas:

  • Bring t-shirts to sales calls or demos to hand out as a parting gift. High-quality t-shirts will get used (even if not by the person you give it to).
  • Provide your customers with more than just a receipt – Give them a t-shirt to say “thanks”. Bonus gifts are a get selling feature of any sales promotion.
  • Gifts for High-Value Customers – Beyond your standard t-shirt, have a higher quality t-shirt or polo to give to you repeat and loyal customers.

2. On your Employees

When you need help at Target, you look for someone in a red shirt, right? That’s all the evidence you need that a recognizable uniform can speak volumes to your customers. If you require your employees to wear a uniform, give them a company-branded t-shirt. If your employees have leeway in what they wear, why not give them shirts to wear on casual Fridays? You can also reward an exceptional employee with a special shirt, too.

3. At Community Events

Every community has special or annual events. They might be geared toward promoting local businesses, bringing awareness to a cause, or fundraising for a local charitable organization. This is the perfect opportunity to get your brand name out there. Think of a local fundraiser or walk-a-thon: you, or someone you know, can enter the event and wear a company t-shirt. Better yet, sponsor a company team and have every participant sport your “colors.” This puts a literal twist on the “walking advertisement,” doesn’t it?


Ready to Sport your Company T-shirt?

T-shirts are affordable and easier than ever to customize and purchase. Who says you need to have just one t-shirt design to represent your business? You can have multiple designs and use them to cleverly market your brand. There’s really no end to what you can do with a t-shirt.


When you’re designing a shirt, keep some things in mind. You want it to reflect your business and convey professionalism, so incorporate your company logo and try to keep it consistent with the color schemes in your existing marketing materials or domain/website. Be sure to check out how your shirts will look before they are made. The lettering should be clear and easily readable, with the correct font size and color combinations.


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