3 Things a Business Logo Needs to Do

Business logos are an essential part of any company’s brand message. They are the first thing customers recognize when looking for a product or service both online and offline. A poorly designed logo can end up doing more harm than good, eventually resulting in the closing of a business at worst, and unnecessary overspending on marketing campaigns at best.

Aside from a logo design needing to look professional and look as if it fits into the industry your business is in, there are a few other essential jobs a business logo has.

The 3 Major Roles Of A Business Logo

  1. Capture customers’ attention.

    A business is nothing without its customers. A logo is the first step in the right direction to getting these customers. Memorability and recognition for a brand are impossible to achieve without a representative brand image. When you design a logo for your business, think about some design elements that would make your logo stand out against your competitors. Think about color palettes, font types, logo styles, the shape of an icon, your phrase or slogan, and of course the size of the logo. All of these details should be considered when you’re in the logo design phase. We recommend showing a few logo design mockups to employees, friends, and family members and then ask them a few days later if they remember what the logo looked like. If they are having trouble recalling, then it may be time to go back to the drawing board.

  2. Cast the company as professionals.

    In order to succeed, a company needs to be taken seriously. A company without a logo can’t be taken seriously. A logo gives a company a face to trust and a face to remember. A logo creates opportunities for a brand to further their image through promotional products and the like. Having t-shirts, notebooks, pen, mugs, and tons of other custom products with a logo will make the brand more professional. But, the business logo has to be perfect. It can’t be too crowded or immature, it has to set the right image of the company to be successful. Brand consistency is critical if your goal is to come off as professional. Take a look at some of the world’s leading brands; notice how their logo design is exactly the same across all of their products and marketing platforms. Many small business owners find it challenging to maintain brand consistency online across channels such as social media and their website. If you design a logo using an online logo maker, you will receive image files that you can use for online marketing purposes.

  3. Cultivate customer confidence.

    Customers have to feel comfortable with a brand or else they just won’t do business with them anymore. Consumers are simple to understand: you provide a good product, they will return; you don’t supply a good product, they won’t. But getting these customers in the first place is a job your logo should tackle. Having a logo with a slogan or tagline can help bolster customer confidence in your business. Think about using phrases such as “Open since ____” or “Serving customers since ____” or “The city’s best ____”. Phrases such as these will help create value for your business and therefore generate a loyal following from customers.

Think of your business logo as the crown jewel of your entire branding and marketing efforts. Design a logo that’s worthy of showcasing anywhere at any time — just ensure that it will attract attention, make your business come off as professional, and bolster customer confidence. Ready to create a logo for your company? Let our logo maker help you get started.

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