3 Ways to Promote Your Business With Embroidered Polos

If you’re looking for branded apparel and want an upscale, professional look, embroidered polos are a great option. They have all of the same benefits as our t-shirts, but for as low as $25.95 USD you can upgrade to a thicker, longer-lasting option that will make your team stand out from the competition.

Here are our favorite ways to use custom polos in your everyday life:

1. Custom Uniforms

Create a cohesive brand image with professional, custom polos. Our full-color embroidery technology allows you to easily add your business name and logo to your shirts. Your employees will love the look and feel of their new uniforms!

2. Continuous Advertising

Simply put, they promote your business with every wear. Just think, every minute that you (or your employees) wear a branded polo is another minute of branding. Wear them to trade shows, casual business meetings, and even on vacation. Every event where you’re representing your business you can and should wear your new polo!

3. Gifts/Giveaways

Get nearly free advertising when you give a branded polo to customers, vendors, family and friends. Show your high-value customers and vendors appreciation with a custom branded polo. It’s a great way to promote your business while gifting an item that will get used.

Pro Tip: Outfitting a large team or looking to expand your team soon? Buying in bulk will save you money!


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