5 Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

Happy Small Business Week!

Congratulations, business owner, this week is for you! Take the time to appreciate and reflect on how far your business has come. But, as you know, business never stops, and you should take advantage of this week, even more than you would any other week, while still having a good time, of course.

Here’s five great ways to celebrate National Small Business Week, while keeping new business rolling in.

1. Hold an Open House

Invite your community to your place of work. If you run a storefront, this will help get tons of foot traffic, leading to potentially a lot of new sales. If you work from an office, it’s good to get some of your current customers or prospective customers in the space. This helps build trust between you and your customers, and makes it easier to put names with faces and provide better customer service.

2. Special Holiday Offers

National Small Business Week is for business owners what Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It’s your time to celebrate everything you’ve built. And you’d be nowhere without your customers. Show them some appreciation and start a special offer for any customer who comes into your store this week. Offer a discount or a buy-one-get-one-type deal on one of your products. That extra generosity from you will likely bring them back.

3. Build Local Partnerships

This week is a great time to start making business relationships with other local businesses in your community. Owning a business is a tough job for anyone, so it’s good to make a few friends along the way. Reach out to businesses near you, exchange business card and fliers, or maybe even leave a few low-cost promotional products on the front desk to use as giveaways. Anything to get better relationships with the businesses around you help.

4. Host Community Events

Do even more good in our community by hosting a barbeque, contest, or anything other group activity in your community, in honor of National Small Business Week. The holiday gives you a good excuse to spontaneously host an event, and boosts awareness and spreads goodwill about your business. All these leads to you getting more customers.

5. Thank You’s for Your Customers

We wouldn’t have holidays like Small Business Week if it weren’t for our customers. Let me know you appreciate them for everything. Shake their hands, talk to them, send them fliers to their doors, send them emails to just say “thank you.” You’ve been working hard building your business, and everything they’ve done to help you has assisted you to be stronger than you’ve ever thought.

Happy Small Business Week!

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