7 Ways to Use Custom Logo T-Shirts to Promote Your Business

Whether you just launched your small business or you’ve been running it for a while, you probably recognize the need to promote and market your products and services.

Promotional strategies provide an opportunity for you to interact with your customers. They also encourage customers to take action, whether that action be to make a purchase, write a review, or take a survey.

One effective way to prompt customers to take action is to offer an incentive, like a mug, hat, or custom logo T-shirt. It’s a fair trade, after all. You offer something to them, and they give you something in return. In this post, we’ll focus on ways to use branded T-shirts to promote your business. But keep in mind that you can use other promotional products with many of these ideas as well.

Here are 7 easy ways to use custom logo T-shirts as part of your promotion strategy:

1. A social media giveaway

If you’re looking to expand your social media influence, host a giveaway across multiple social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Ask people to like, comment, and share your message in order to be entered into your contest to win your cool custom logo T-shirt.

2. A survey incentive

The average business only hears back from a low 4% of its dissatisfied customers. That means you’ll never hear from about 96% of unhappy customers. If you really want customer feedback, you have to ask for it. A customer satisfaction survey is a great way to ask for this honest information about your business.

Tempt them to complete a customer satisfaction survey by offering small incentives, like a company T-shirt with a quirky saying, or a classy customized polo shirt. You can give everyone who completes the survey a T-shirt, or you can offer a drawing for participants with a shirt as the prize.

3. A bonus gift

Do you have a new product that you would like to promote? Try including a custom T-shirt or polo shirt with your embroidered logo every time a customer buys the new product. People enjoy freebies, and they may be more likely to purchase your new product if they receive something for free along with it.

4. A special drawing

Do you want more people to sign up for your company’s emails? Collect email addresses by having a special drawing for a company T-shirt or polo shirt. If the shirt isn’t a big enough incentive, add a few extra freebies to the offer.

As a requirement for entering the drawing, you can ask potential customers to submit their name and email address. You can also include options for them to customize the frequency of emails they receive from your business. Make sure you select the winner at random and send him or her the prizes in a nicely wrapped package.

5. An employee prize

You may not have many employees working for your company, but don’t forget to show your appreciation for your current team. Add a little spice (and competition) to the workplace by offering a custom T-shirt or polo to the person who makes the most sales, brings in the most new customers, or comes up with the most innovative idea of the month.

A shirt isn’t a fancy enough prize to spark jealousy or rivalry among your employees, but it’s a small way to boost motivation and show employees that you notice when they put in extra effort.

6. A reward for loyalty

Do you have customers who regularly spend significant amounts of money on your products or services? Reward those loyal clients with one of your polos or T-shirts. You can offer the shirt as an award for using your services 5 years in a row, or for placing an order over a specific dollar (or product) amount.

7. In-person marketing

In addition to giving away custom T-shirts or polos, you can have your employees wear them too. Your business may be small, but wearing your logo at work can help make you and your employees feel more like a team.

Wearing the logo is also helpful when you’re serving customers, whether you sell products on or off site. The “company shirt” lets clients know whom they can approach for help.

Whether you need a button-down shirt, T-shirt, or polo shirt with your company’s logo on it, you can come to FreeLogoServices for a broad selection of customizable merchandise.

By offering custom T-shirts, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to promote your company, build your customer base, and create excitement about your products or services. If you’d like some ideas for additional incentives, take a look at our other promotional products. Get creative; there are lots of options.

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