9 Mother’s Day Promotions to Use on Other Holidays

Mother’s Day brings out droves of sentimental shoppers looking for thoughtful ways to show appreciation. The National Retail Federation expects 86 percent of Americans to celebrate in 2018, shelling out an average of $180 per person.

Total spending is projected to reach $23.1 billion. But, what about other holidays? Start preparing your promotions early because there’s plenty of business to go around.

Family-centric holidays like Mother’s Day were created to spoil all women, whether it’s a daughter, sister, grandparent, or mother-in-law. While some shoppers already have the perfect presents picked out, many people look to businesses to provide creative gift ideas for mom.

What can we take away from the Mother’s Day promotions that we saw in 2018? How can you bring more customers your way with unique selling points that set you apart from competitors?  

With some smart planning, these charming Mother’s Day promotion ideas can be used for other holiday promotions too. And, best of all, they are sure to help you rack up more sales this year.

Hand Out a Holiday-themed Coupon Book

Give your target audience (and their biggest fans) a chance to snag a great discount in the days or weeks leading up to the holiday.  A coupon book offers an efficient way to control costs with short-term, high-value sales that draw traffic to your business. 

Depending on your type of business, you can offer percentage discounts on a total purchase or limit each coupon to specific days or product categories. Try using this opportunity to sell off slow-moving inventory and cross-sell items that pair well together. 

At the same time, think of a way to encourage new customers to keep buying from you after the holiday. For example, include an offer to get an extra coupon by subscribing to your newsletter online.

Create a Themed Freebie 

Say “thank you” to the target audience who visit your store with a low-cost freebie, such as a flower, candle, tote, koozie, or cupcake. A kind gesture gets your customers in the mood to shop and spread positive reviews of your business through word of mouth.

You can use the same strategy for online orders. Why not slip in a holiday-inspired card, a mini-themed gift like a golf ball (for Father’s day), or an individually wrapped cookie with each purchase?

Design Do-It-Yourself Kits

Tap into the DIY trend by appealing to people who want an easy method to create something special at home. Not everyone is comfortable tackling a creative project without step-by-step instructions.

This is especially true for kids and teens who want a “homemade” gift that still looks professional. If you sell items that can be packaged as a kit, such as crafts, food, or garden supplies, create a DIY product with everything a customer needs for a memorable gift.

When possible, include an element of personalization that allows people to choose more than one option for creating the finished product. Herbal teas, bath bombs, chocolate/nut/meat/cheese baskets, and photo vases are good examples of simple crafts users can customize.

To get customers amped to try your kits, set up a Pinterest board displaying attractive finished projects.

Offer Free Shipping on Select Items

Do you run an online business? Boost sales by offering free shipping on a group of pre-selected items. A promotion with limited eligibility works best when you preview your themed products well in advance.

Send email notices to showcase your offerings and provide tips and creative ideas for how to make the holiday unforgettable.

Host a Special Experience

The National Retail Federation found that 29 percent of moms want to enjoy a “gift of experience” on Mother’s Day. Why not expand this to a larger audience for other holidays? A fun or relaxing activity, such as a wine/beer tasting, spa day, driving range, batting cages, or even a trip to the movies, will give any recipient a chance to unwind and let loose.

Chances are, you already know what activities your customers love. Think about the expertise your business has to offer, and consider how you can package it into a class, tour, or event.

Perhaps, you can provide a custom experience such as candle making, a cooking 101 class, or a cookie-decorating event.

Partner With a Charity

Commit to donating a portion of the proceeds from your sales to organizations that help your target audiences, such as women’s shelters, a veterans group, environmental group, animal welfare organization or any initiative that related to your audience.

Social causes are highly motivating to millennial audiences, which can increase brand loyalty along with your bottom line. Showing compassion toward others makes you stand out as a caring business owner with honorable values.

Give yourself plenty of time to put the word out, and set a timeframe for how long the promotion lasts. Facebook is a good place to get sponsored ads where you can quickly highlight the importance of your cause and reach people with interests related to your business.

Create a Holiday-Inspired Questionnaire and Gift Guide

For people who have a hard time coming up with gift ideas holidays, hand out a fun questionnaire to help them choose the right present. Develop playful, yet relatable personas that describe different types of people in your audience.

Every person has unique qualities and tastes that makes him/her exceptional in someone’s eyes.

The tireless homemaker with a baking addiction. The inspiring entrepreneur who balances career and family. The health-conscious father who whips up his own baby food.

The fashionista mom who always looks sharp. The wise grandmother who has words of encouragement for every occasion.

The youthful aunt who loves a night out. The craft expert who makes something out of nothing.

Ask simple questions that help shoppers pick a persona, and match each gift recipient’s profile with a group of recommended products you carry. You can easily adapt this idea for print or online promotions and feature individual personas as social media posts to build buzz.

Offer Free/Discounted Drinks or Desserts

If you own a restaurant or bar, cater to your target market with a special ‘happy hour’. These days, it’s common to see several generations attending beer/wine tasting, dessert tastings or even post workout dinner/drinks.

Make it convenient for family members to splurge by celebrating at their favorite dining and beverage establishments. Offer the group a free dessert with a paid entree or bottomless drinks at a flat rate.

When you provide great service, customers keep coming back long after the initial promotion. Not to mention, people tend to order more food and drinks when they’re celebrating and getting a discount.

Hold an In-Store Competition for Kids

Most Holidays are family-friendly and thus they are a great time for kids of all ages to participate in activities. Why not design a promotion specifically geared to young shoppers who are comfortable being in the spotlight.

Organize a set of amusing in-store challenges that let children compete for prizes. You can do general activities, such as blindfolded races, joke contests, hot lava, or musical chairs.

However, another option is to customize the competition to your business. A funny children’s “muscleman” competition is perfect for a gym, while a scavenger hunt could work for a retail store.

For this event to succeed, it’s smart to start signing up competitors weeks before the holiday, so the winners get their prizes well before the big day.


Remember to keep any promotion or even authentic and light-hearted. Whatever you do, make sure your holiday promotion ideas capture the spirit of the day.

If you live up to expectations, customers will remember the great experiences they had with your product or services. Many customers may even start their holiday gift search at your business the next time around, making it easier to attract a bigger audience in the future.


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