Branding Tips: Simple Ways to Use Your Logo

  • Create a Cohesive Online Presence.  Do not neglect your online presence, even if your business is primarily offline. Potential customers are increasingly researching and making purchase decisions online. Creating a strong online presence can be as simple as adding your logo to your website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and any business or promotional emails.
  • Design a Professional Business Card. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Business cards stick around long after a meeting or networking event, and a great card design can easily set you apart from your competition. Make sure that your cards have your name, title, website, contact information (phone, email, business address), any social media links and, most importantly, your logo. 
  • Branded Promotional Products.  One of the most important principles in all of branding is consistency. Seamlessly transition from online to offline by adding your logo to functional products like pens and mugs.  

For more branding tips, check out “Branding Essentials for Your Business“. 

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