Business Card Design Tips: How to Design a Logo for Your Business Cards

Even with our lives going digital, business cards are still a viable way to exchange information. They are small, handy, inexpensive to make and you can still use them when there s no internet connection.

With cards being an inexpensive tool for networking, it means you can get as creative as you like. Business cards are perfect for those of you with a start-up business, a small company, or freelance workers.

Using all your social media platforms is a great idea, but don’t overlook the power of the business card. Let’s take a look at some great business card design tips for showcasing your new business.

Business Card Design Tips

Keeping business cards on you where ever you go is an easy way to promote your business offline. The best past, business cards require little, if any, space when you are on the move.

Keep it Simple, Yet Memorable

Using a simple design is easier for people to read and easier to remember. Anything too complicated is just too much to see on a small surface. Don’t overwhelm the design or the card.

Add a Business Logo

Use your business logo if you have one. If you don’t have one, try an online logo maker. Remember, the logo will be the face of your business and people will associate you with it.

Depending on the business card template, it should either be at the top left or top right of your card. Make sure that the size does not drown out the other important contact information.

Select an Easy-to-Read Font

fancier and more “creative” front can make your contract information difficult to read. This is a small piece of paper — make it legible.


Adding Special Features

Using the empty space on your card for a dramatic cut-out or another embellishment will make your card stand out. Here are a few ideas for that empty space:

  • Embossed Lettering – Lettering that stands up makes your business card stand out. It has a feel of effort and importance about it. Making the card look and feel professional will extend that professionalism to you and your company.
  • Pictures – Having your picture, like a headshot, can help add a personal touch to your business cards. Certain industries, like Real Estate, skew towards having a picture on their cards. It builds trust with potential customers who will be spending a great deal of money.
  • Loyalty Cards – On the back of your card, add a section for a promotion or sales offer. People can get a stamp when they come in and earn a discount in the future. This works well in industries that are highly competitive and need a plug for repeat customers.

Choosing a Color

When you design your logo, remember that it will be used online and offline. Business cards are no exception. When you choose your colors for your business card, they need to match your logo.

Integrated logo and business card tools can easily recommend the best business card design and colors based on your logo.

Often, one solid color from your logo will the color of your business card. Trying to add more than 1 color may overwhelm the card and the recipient.

Go “Green”

Whether it’s your business that is promoting eco-friendly products and services, or you just want people to know your card is, you can use that.

  • “Green” or “Recycled” Cards – Adding the mark of recycled paper to your business card can go a long way with green-conscience individuals. You can add on the back what the card materials are, just to make it more authentic.
  • Paper-Free – There are other materials you can use to make great, appealing business cards. Try wood, plastic, cloth, cardboard, metal, or even recycled rubber. There are endless ideas for reusing items for repurposing your items. This is particularly clever if you can match it up with your own product or services offered. For instance, if you are a landscaper and use materials taken from client’s yards for repurposing into business cards, people will find that very inventive and on-brand.

Using Non-Standard Card Shapes

Here is another area where you can get very creative. Use a shape that represents your company or your service. Again, people are much more likely to hang on to a card that has something unique about it.

Image getting a business card in the shape of a dog (groomers) or a house (construction). This works on many levels, and people like something a bit different and interesting. They are also more likely to share it with their friends and family, even just to show off the card.

Double Purpose Cards

Putting some creativity behind your cards to give them another use other than promotion is a great idea. These are not cards that someone will throw away and they will definitely make you and your business memorable. These can be made to look like playing cards, they could have something inside, like grass seeds, coupons or gift cards, or even a branded magnet.

A business card can seem small and unassuming, but it can pack a powerful punch. It is a perfect addition to your marketing plan and an extension of you and your company. These business card design tips are meant to get your own creative juices flowing and find the perfect way to get your brand on that card. With a little imagination and a little help, you can find the perfect business card to generate more customers.

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