Designing a Restaurant Logo? Include These 10 Elements

Imagine trying a burger at 10 different restaurants. None of the establishments have any names, signs, or identifying symbols on their food. Could you still tell the burgers apart? Would you be able to remember what you liked or disliked about each restaurant? Making great food is only one part of having a successful restaurant. […]

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A How-to Guide for Creating Inspiring Music Logos

Marketing and branding in the music industry are constantly changing. Thanks to digital music, the way the industry connects with listeners has had to evolve. Inc. points out that social media is the new game changer. In fact, do you recall that Justin Bieber got his big break from YouTube videos? Video marketing, in particular, […]

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Beauty & Salon Logos: 5 Flawless Design Trends to Use [Infographic]

The beauty industry’s value is expected to grow steadily — up to $90 billion by 2020. And opportunities are expected to increase. If you plan to open up your own salon or develop your own product line, remember to think about your business brand. One element you’ll need is a unique logo design. To help […]

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Boosting Our Brand: How & Why We Updated Our Logo Design

Maintaining a business brand is like maintaining your own personal style. You present yourself in a way that’s consistent with your style, whether that’s through clothes, colors, or a haircut. As trends come and go, you buy new clothes and test new haircuts. So it makes sense that a business brand needs some occasional updates, […]

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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Logo Design

Are you putting off designing a logo for your business? Maybe you don’t want to lock yourself into a design, or you’re worried that a great logo will cost a lot of money. But you shouldn’t let these concerns delay your first step in making a logo and building a business brand. After all, Nike […]

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How to Make a Logo: A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Design

If you believe a powerful brand logo can boost your business, you thought right. According to Siegel + Gale, notable logos are 13 percent more likely to attract attention from customers. And they’re 7 percent more likely to motivate customers to learn more about a business. But it takes more than a few words and symbols […]

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Construction Logos: What Makes a Great Design? [Infographic]

Creating a logo is an important first step in growing your business. Why? Because a logo makes it easier to promote and market your business. You need a logo for important marketing pieces like business cards, a facebook page, or a website. Without one, it can be difficult to build a recognizable brand. In the 2016 […]

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How to Use Negative Space in Your Logo Design (Examples)

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or a business owner, you may not know much about logo design. Before planning out your first logo design, take some time to learn about a few of the tips and tricks involved in creating a memorable, attractive logo. One trick to consider is to use negative […]

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6 Creative Components of a Logo Design Masterpiece [Infographic]

Like any piece of artwork, designing a logo takes creativity, skill, and inspiration. A logo becomes part of a brand’s image, so it’s critical a logo design represents its brand properly. Brand identity, color, and typography all play a role. To design a true masterpiece, keep in mind these six creative components of a logo. […]

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How to Create a Perfect Logo Design [7 Simple Steps]

Did you know that the average person makes around 10,000 decisions every day? Some of these are major decisions, but most are relatively minor: Where should I get coffee this morning? Blue or black sweater? About 95% of purchasing decisions occur subconsciously, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman. Part of that subconscious decision […]

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