Branding: What's Your Identity

How to Know When You’re Ready to Rebrand Your Small Business

When you first start a small business, branding is often an ideal vision of the image you want to project. You pour your time, effort, and budget into crafting the right tone and personality. But the bigger your business grows, the more you realize your brand doesn’t fully capture the value you provide. Just like […]

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15 of the Most Notable Logo Redesigns of 2017

Companies have various reasons for retiring a logo and going back to the drawing board. Sometimes, an old logo no longer reflects the values of a brand that has steadily evolved over the years. At other times, industry changes force brands to rethink how they fit into the market. Not all logos can stay relevant […]

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7 Tips to Create a Delicious Coffee Shop Logo Design

Few beverages are more contentious than coffee. People are passionate about how they like their beans brewed. And strong opinions about coffee translate into loyalty to brands and businesses. In most cities and towns, customers have a variety of great places to buy coffee. It takes impressive branding to get people to break from routine […]

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How to Create a Logo Online: Helpful Tips, Tools & Tricks

Poor execution is the enemy of great logo design. A logo appears on all your marketing assets, and it should embody the pride behind your brand. Logos with distorted shapes, stretched-out text, and pixelated colors don’t capture the good qualities of your business. If you want your finished logo to wow customers, it’s crucial to […]

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Minimalist Logo Design: How Does it Look and Why All the Hype?

No matter how often logo design trends come and go, one style keeps rising back to popularity.  Minimalist designs are simple, unique, and high in demand. In fact, many big brands are ditching outdated logos for fresher minimalist designs.     Minimalist logos are found in every industry and fit any type of brand identity. […]

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Logo Color Psychology: A Complete Guide to Choosing Brand Colors

Logos need a strong visual identity that connects people to your brand. That’s why it’s tempting to look for a magic formula for choosing the right logo colors. Research suggests color can boost brand recognition by as much as 80 percent. Color psychology in logo design Colors can certainly speak to consumers on a subconscious […]

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A Creative Analysis of 10 Winter Games Logos [Infographic]

Branding experts say a logo design needs to be unique but timeless, memorable but simple. So how do you create a logo for an event that’s already occurred nearly 20 times? Every four years, designers from host countries around the world create a new logo for the Winter Olympics. These logos must to represent the […]

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9 Avant-Garde Color Trends to Expect in 2018 [Infographic]

Like many trends, color trends begin with the experts. Folks in fashion or design circles choose their favorite hues, and gradually, they spread to other industries. One day, cool, sleek colors are all the rage. The next, it’s bright purples. Studies on color psychology show that color truly does influence our subconscious emotions. That’s why […]

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10 Creative Font Ideas for Your Business Logo

If you’re new to graphic design, a logo might be your first major foray into the wide world of typography. With the right typeface, words can tell a visual story beyond their literal meaning. Do you think of fun and imagination the moment you see the custom-drawn Disney wordmark? Picture how Spencerian script captures the […]

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10 Innovative Logo Design Trends to Expect in 2018

As the new year rolls in, so do the latest logo design trends shaping business brands. Design preferences are always changing, and there’s no perfect formula for deciding which styles to adopt or ignore. Luckily, you don’t need to chase every logo design fad to stay current. Branding is about building a unique story around […]

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