Choosing The Right Color Scheme for Your Logo

Colors are perhaps the most important part of a logo. Everyone reacts differently and has different emotions towards different colors. Some scientists believe that a color triggers the same emotions in all people, while others say that past experiences and memories affect how one reacts to a certain color. You can read for days about different theories on the psychology of color. The truth is that there’s not just one answer about how colors influence people.

But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take color into account when making a logo.

The 3 Most Influential Logo Colors

The three most popular colors in advertising are red, white, and blue, and there’s a reason for it. It’s not just that the red and blue equal out, as red is said to stand for passion and blue for trustworthiness. These three colors stand out from the world around them. Red, blue, and white are found very infrequently in the natural world, with the exception of flowers or plants. Their scarcity in nature means they stand out to the human eye — making them the perfect color choice when it comes to marketing and advertising.

These three colors together embody the first rule of logo-making: stand out.

Logo Colors That Attract Attention

Similarly, vibrant colors stand out from the world much better than softer hues. Soft yellows and pinks seem to fit in with the environment, while light greens and browns camouflage entirely into it. Vibrant hues attract attention; soft shades don’t.

On a technical side note, when you use any online logo maker, make sure to write down the number of the pantone(s) that you are using. A pantone is the specific shade of a color and it is attributed to a universal number that can be used anywhere. Using the same shade of color strengthens brand consistency. But be wary, in printing, more pantones equals more money.

Lastly, color choice shouldn’t be random. Use your industry trade symbols to build your logo. For example, a pool cleaner’s logo would be blue; a landscaper’s logo would be green and brown; a firehouse’s logo would be red. Consistency within your industry is vital to customer retention and trust.

So yes, color matters a lot, but in more ways than just psychology.

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