DIY Logo or DIFM Logo: How to Decide

When to Go With a DIY Logo Maker or Hire a Professional Logo Designer

How often do you look at a business’ logo and think, “That’s so simple! I bet I could create something this easy.”

Unfortunately, you’re overlooking one massive factor. Simple logos look easy when they’re already finished. What you don’t see is the thought and creative process behind an attractive logo design.

Do you know how to create scalable image files? Do you know which file types are suited for various types of media? How about editing graphics or putting together a color scheme?

Before attempting to make your own logo, make sure you understand what skills and tools you need to do the job well. A poorly designed logo isn’t worth the investment. You’ll have a hard time adapting your logo for different media, and most likely, end up redesigning it before long.

Backtracking takes valuable time and resources away from your business, so focus on getting it right the first time. Create a logo you love and avoid unnecessary frustration by choosing the best design option for your needs.

Take a look at these common scenarios to help you decide between a DIY project, a logo maker, or a designer.

Are You a Complete Novice?

If you have no clue how or where to get started, it may take substantial time to get up to speed on logo design basics. As a beginner, you may also struggle to see serious design flaws that will limit how much you can use the finished logo.

Working with a business logo maker or a designer ensures a professional-quality design. Logo makers supply premade elements that you can manipulate to get a personalized design.

In most cases, you can create and preview logo mock-ups without being obligated to make a purchase. That way, you’re free to play around with several versions before making a final choice.

Designers know how to listen to your needs, interpret your ideas, and provide the right files for different applications. Depending on the terms of your agreement, a designer may even present you with multiple concepts to choose from. However, quality varies greatly across the industry, so it’s wise to ask for samples and references.

Do You Have Functional Design Skills?

Try creating your own logo if you have decent design know-how or plenty of time to learn. The rise of minimalism has made it easier for amateur designers to make an impact with a simple concept.

But don’t be too ambitious. Stick to concepts that match the level of your design skills. It’s often easy for beginners to create impressive geometric styles. Design software allows you to use premade shapes and control the size, layering, spacing, and proportion of different graphic elements.

Keep in mind, you need professional software to make your own logo. Raster graphics programs, such as Microsoft Paint, don’t have the capabilities to create rich scalable graphics. Be prepared to invest in higher-quality graphics editing or illustrating software to make your DIY project a success.

Are You Struggling to Brainstorm Ideas?

No matter how hard you work to come up with fresh ideas, you might find yourself hitting a blank wall. A creative block can turn into an excuse to procrastinate. Think about seeking guidance from a design pro to stay on track.

A big part of a designer’s job is translating your brand identity into a memorable image. By discussing your business goals, a good logo designer can turn your hazy ideas into a strong symbol that empowers your brand.

Do You Have Major Budget Restrictions?

Short on money? You might dive into a DIY project if your top priority is to get a completely free logo design. Yet, as mentioned earlier, you need to invest in quality software to get the most miles out of your logo design.

Consider choosing a top-rated logo maker when a small budget is involved. For one thing, you can do some quick research to find a platform with price tiers within your budget.

Most logo makers are designed to be affordable while offering the diverse image files you need for print and offline media.

If you’re at the higher end of the budget spectrum, why not hire a logo designer to handle everything from start to finish? Many logo maker platforms also offer custom design services, so don’t assume these options are mutually exclusive.

Do You Want a Highly Customized Design?

Think about the degree of customization you’re looking for in a design. You can get as unique and creative as you want with a DIY logo, as long as you have the skills to pull it off. Otherwise, leave complex logo designs to an expert.

The right option also depends on whether you’re making a wordmark or logomark. You might find it fairly easy to make a typeset or hand-drawn wordmark by yourself.

On the other hand, it’s common for a novice to get overwhelmed by the all the technical tools involved in creating a graphic logomark.

Logo makers are perfectly fine for moderate customization, such as color, fonts, and layouts. You can pair professional-looking fonts and graphics to make a logo design that’s all your own.

Work with a designer to create a one-of-a-kind typeface from scratch. Even if you have a clear vision in mind, an expert can hone in on key details that will make your logo look polished and readable.

Do your best to vet any professionals you hire. You don’t want to shell out money for a unique design and find out later that the images are copied from other artists.

Are You Pressed for Time?

Ditch the DIY option if you’re too busy to focus on a creative project. As a business owner, you likely have a mountain of responsibilities weighing on you.

At the same time, it’s unwise to throw together a weak design just to have something to put on your merchandise. Outsource your work to a designer, or use a logo maker if you have deadlines to meet. Both options offer more structure than a DIY process, so you’re more likely to make productive decisions.

Do You Need a Combination of Services?

Maybe, you have a clear idea, but your hand-drawn sketches are barely legible. If your art skills are lacking, it could be a challenge to get your ideas across in a drawing.

In such cases, consider using basic graphics software or a free logo maker to create a mock-up for a prospective designer.

Having some readymade elements to work with may simplify the process and help you visualize the final product. You can also try out color combinations and provide more detailed specifications to the designer.


Regardless of the options you choose, set goals for your project and decide how you want to portray your brand. You won’t be happy with your finished logo if you work blindly and fail to pin down your brand identity.

Whether you’re making your own logo or using professional services, develop guidelines to help you narrow down your ideas. Define the demands of your project early on, so you have a better chance of choosing an option that will deliver the best results.

Ready to get a logo for your business? We’re here to help! Try our DIY (do-it-yourself) logo tool OR our new DIFM (do-it-for-me) option. Both are great options.


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