How To Re-Brand Your Business The Right Way

You’ve had your business for a few years now, and maybe you want a change. Whether your business has been doing well and you need an upgrade or business has slowed and you need a new push, this post will guide you to the perfect new redesign.

How To Successfully Re-Brand Your Business

  1. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

    Look back through the history of your business. When were your high points? What were the lows? Research can also help in this stage. Asking customers and friends what they like about your brand and what they don’t can shine new light on things you may have never even thought of. Sometimes, when businesses are in this stage, they find out that their brand is working better than they thought. If this isn’t you, proceed to step 2.

  2. Re-assess your business strategies.

    At this point, you should know which direction you want to take your new brand identity. So, the next step is to see how that fits with your business plan. Think about whether you want to keep your brand voice the same, and if you’re going to keep marketing to the same target audience, among other factors. If your business is proliferating, it’s a good idea to broaden your scale and make your logo more relatable to a larger group of people. You may also want to completely change who you’re marketing to, and that can demand more work. This step is vital because once you make the delicate decision about where you want to take your business, everything else becomes easy.

  3. Consider a new logo design.

    Begin with your logo. Your logo is the building block of your business. Start from scratch if you need to. Change up your images–either get a new image or tweak your current one until it reflects what you want your business to become. Consult with a graphic designer. They can help put your imagined logo into a reality. But this doesn’t even have to be that drastic; simple changes of font or color can have significant effects on your audience. Every small part of your logo has a different effect on people. You just have to experiment with and test different logos until the one that fits your new brand.

  4. Utilize promotional products.

    Once you have your logo redesigned, it’s time to tackle the rest of your promotional army. Get some new business cards. Whatever changes you made on your logo should be reflected on your business cards. New colors, new images, new fonts–anything. This is the step where the costs come in during your brand’s redesign. You’re also going to need to reprint your printed marketing products (like pens, clothing, and tote bags). Many companies put their outdated merchandise on sale right before their redesign so they can make some money to pay for the new stuff. New promotional products are going to help spread that new brand around.

  5. Remarket to existing customers.

    This step is the culmination of every step. Here, we take the lessons we learned in steps one and two, and combine that with the products we made in steps three and four. This is the time for outreach. Tell everyone about your new brand! Postcards and flyers are a great way to get the word out. Include a special offer on those printed products and get some traffic to your newly transformed business.

Ready to start rebranding your business? Keep in mind that the more exposure across online and offline platforms, the more successful your rebranding efforts will be. Head over to; we’re here to function as your one-stop-shop for logo design, customized promotional products, website design, and more.

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