Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees that Won’t Break the Bank

Hard-working employees are one of your best assets. This holiday season, make them feel appreciated and reward their hard work with these awesome holiday gift ideas. Nothing says “Thank You!” better than a cool gift that is both functional and useful.

Customized Coffee Mugs

If the trash can next to the water cooler in your office gets filled to the brim with disposable paper cups before lunchtime, it’s time to encourage your staff to go green. Give out coffee mugs so you can cut down on buying disposables. Slap on your company logo and you’ve got awesome gift that they’ll love to use. Try personalizing them with each employee’s name; this way they won’t get mixed up and your employees will appreciate the personal touch.  

Mug with sample icon logo design for New Town Auto

Personalized Headphones

Nothing annoys a co-worker more than another employee blasting music from the computer. Help ease office friction by getting earbuds for your music-loving staff members. Choose a brand that they can take to the gym or out on a run to promote office fitness as well. You can print their name and the company logo on the case it comes in.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Since it’s the holiday season, expect the weather to get extra chilly. Give your staff either warm comfy socks, a wool scarf, a wool hat or a long-sleeve shirt with the company logo to keep them warm during the colder months.

Engraved Pens

Pens are the classic gift that never goes out of style. They are inexpensive and will definitely get used. Personalize it by printing your employee’s name on one side and your company logo on the other. These are great to go along with another small gift or inside a gift bag.

Pen with sample Initial logo design for Pinnacle Consulting

Keyring Flashlights

You never realize how much you need a flashlight until you’re caught without one. A keyring flashlight is an easy and practical gift, especially for the colder months with darker nights and severe weather. Put your logo on the side and your employees will be reminded of the gift every time they use their keys.

Custom Phone Cases 

This is the perfect gift for all the Apple fans in your company. Make it unique and personal by printing the employee’s name together with your company logo for that extra promotional push when they’re out of the office.   

Personalized Holiday Cards

Nothing is more personal than a signed greeting card. You can add holiday greeting cards to whatever personalized gift you plan to give your staff or as a stand-alone gift this holiday season to show your thanks and appreciation for a job well done. A personalized note for each employee goes a long way.

custom holiday card

Depending on your budget, there are a lot more fun and unique holiday gift ideas you can give your employees that will surely make them feel special this year. Check out all of our promotional products that will make great gifts this holiday season. 

For tips on what to get your customers, check out our “Holiday Gift Guide“.

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