It’s Been 3 Years: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?

Awesome! You just made it through your third year! And you mastered the marketing updates from “It’s Been 2 Years: What Marketing Should You Be Doing?”

You’ve already improved in a lot of areas. Your online presence has created a trusted brand identity. Your product and pricing strategy have boosted your sales. Your industry values the contributions you bring.

But there’s more to do! And this time you’re going to need some help.

It’s time to invest in some robust marketing concepts! You’ll need the tools, the people, and the recognition to enjoy even more success!

Your Third Year Marketing Updates

Most of the concepts we discussed in the first two articles of this series cost you very little. Some had no cost out of pocket. These marketing techniques will require some cash. But the payoff will be worth it!

Buy Sales and Marketing Software

You’ve come a long way on your spreadsheets and free online tools. But now it’s time to beef up your software. Invest in a commercial marketing software package.

Start with a customer relationship manager. Lead management, sales analytics, and marketing tools can give your marketing a boost.

Some sales and marketing software provides custom sales management dashboards. Compare your sales and account managers. Share their best practices.

Buy a quality software package to develop intricate email marketing and sales funnels. The tracking functions will let you know if your customers are receiving communication. You’ll know if they take any actions. This data will empower you to market even better.

Take It Offline

When you started out, you might have been shocked at the cost of print and TV advertisements. Taking out an ad in even a local newspaper seemed like a cost you couldn’t justify. Wisely, you leveraged your website, social media, and pay-per-click advertisements.

But now you have some free cash that you can spend on those traditional, proven methods. You can even afford to spend funds on some quality custom promotional products. T-shirts, hats, and bags turn your customers into mobile advertisements. Buy some, and ship them out.

Ask local newspapers or magazines if they’d publish one of your blog posts. Try to get a journalist to interview you about your business. Print or TV media subscribers may be an untapped market.

Host an Event

Having an event can get your customers talking and make them feel appreciated. Whether you’re inviting all your customers or just a select number of VIPs, you’ll want to come up with something unique that will have them talking about for years to come.
To make your event even more effective, collaborate with another company. You’ll get exposure to their audience too. Be sure to invite your social media influencers and brand ambassadors. Set up a microsite for your event and promote it on social media. By using a website builder, you can keep your costs down. If you don’t want to spend your entire budget on one big event, host semi-casual meetups. This is a great way to connect with current customers and open up your business to new demographics.

Whatever you do, find ways to measure its effects. Ask customers for feedback. Provide discounts or other incentives that you can trace back to the event.

Staff Your Marketing Team

When starting out, you may have neglected to create a marketing department. You say that everyone in the company needs to be in our marketing department. That’s a great culture to build.

But a well-rounded marketing department can really study your market. They’ll better understand your customers and competitors. They can do the research to figure out your market position. They can keep your departments focused on your marketing strategy.

Some companies think marketing is a waste. But you know that’s not true. You’ve seen it work for you throughout this series. But for your marketing team to win, they’ll need talent. They’ll need resources. And they’ll need a seat at the table with your leadership.

Build a team that will succeed. Hire a leader who can develop the overall strategy and communicate it to your team. Then bring on employees that can focus on their specialties. You may need several team members for web content, advertising, and customer relationships.

Give Generously

Giving to charity is a great way to connect with the community. Be sure to pick an organization that complements your company values. Choose a trusted name that will add value to your brand.

To give, you don’t always have to make cash donations. If the organization needs volunteers, give employees paid days off to help. You can also offer special pricing on products. Or invite them to speak at your company events.

Focus on one or two charities that you can support regularly. These organizations can become valuable partners. Sponsoring a recurring event can benefit a good cause and your brand over and over again.

Start a Foundation

In time you may identify a cause that is important to you and your audience. Give back and get great PR by forming your own foundation. Your team and customers can help you develop a vision and mission for the cause you want to support.

A great thing about funding your own foundation is that you can choose whatever cause you want to support without having to rely on someone else. Your foundation can quickly respond to local disaster relief. It can hand out scholarships to those in need.

Having your business work closely with your foundation can raise further awareness. Not only will this help the cause more, but it will get your business more recognition.

Get Some Help

You’ve reached the last of the marketing updates in this series. This one could change everything! Are you ready for it? You need to hire a consultant.

Before you say “no” to an outsider, hear us out:

Consultants aren’t outsiders. They’re guides. The best consultants have had success in your field. They were once where you are now. They led similar teams. They know your customers.

But they’ve coached others in your situation. They know how you compare to your competition. They know your strengths and weaknesses. They know where your focus should be.

They also have a plan to offer you. They’ve developed a custom, proven marketing strategies. They can help you work out a budget.

Don’t Stop Now!

It’s been an awesome ride and you should be looking ahead to other business milestones. Look how far you’ve come in the last three years. But why stop now? Keep it going. Start planning how you’ll use these marketing updates today. And grow your business even more!

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