New Year, New Look: The Benefits of New Uniforms for Your Employees

The new year is coming up, and it’s a great chance for a fresh start. Getting your employees new uniforms is a great way to reward them for their year long efforts and an awesome way for your company to start the year. Good looking uniforms can get as much as 1 million impressions a year and you may miss out on sales if your staff members don’t look professional.

The Benefits of Employee Uniforms

There are many benefits to having your staff wear uniforms:

  • It promotes your brand – Your brand should get maximum exposure on everything related to your business. From stationary to business cards, your company name, colors and logo should be seen everywhere. Uniforms are the perfect promotional tool because of the number of impressions they get daily. It can also help with brand recognition when employees wear them out of the store.
  • Creates an Attractive and Professional Environment – People are instinctively drawn to clean, organized places. Uniforms help create this environment because everyone becomes part of a single unit when they wear the uniform. Just walk into any Apple Store and take a gander at how professional the staff looks. That’s what you should aim for.
  • It Instills Company Pride and Encourages Team Spirit – When everyone wears the same uniform and works towards one goal, there is a sense of pride on whatever achievement the team accomplishes as a whole. This collective mentality fosters team spirit and pride in their jobs, which reflects in their productivity and the service they provide your customers.
  • Improves Self Esteem and Boosts Confidence – Great looking uniforms can help your employees’ self esteem and confidence. Make sure they get sharp looking and stylish uniforms that fit properly, not sloppy looking ones that they’ll be uncomfortable in.
  • Better Security – First, it will be easy to tell who’s an employee and who’s a customer. This is great because your customers can easily find someone to help them. Second, when employees are in uniform, they’re more conscious of their actions because they know they’re representing the company and they’re mindful that management is watching.
  • Added Bonus – Your employees can wear them not only at work, but outside of work as well to continually promote your business. A company polo can be worn to events such as parties, fundraisers, and conferences.

Colors and Logos

Make sure you have a stunning logo that goes well with your uniform. Since you’re more likely to use colors in your logo when choosing a uniform, aim to use colors that would look great when used on fabric. Starbucks, FedEx, UPS and BMW uniforms are just some examples of how logos translate well into company uniforms.

Try our logo creation tool and play around with the colors or even the main image of your logo. Pick colors that you know would go well with the look you’re planning for your staff: jeans, khaki, black pants or even shorts. The design you choose can mean the difference between a stylish uniform and an audacious looking one.

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