How To Achieve Small Business Saturday Success

In a few short weeks, business owners around the country will take part in a local shopping frenzy. Here’s what you need to know to bring in sales and make it a success.

What: Small Business Saturday is an annual event founded by American Express. Businesses open their doors to eager customers who want to shop local and support their community.

When: Saturday, November 30th, 2019.

Who: Small business owners across the nation.

Where: All over the country. All industries and every business sector.

Why: To support and bring awareness to small businesses in your community.

young man hanging up Open sign

How to prepare for Small Business Saturday

Start off on the right foot. Reach new customers and boost sales with these helpful tips.

1) Refresh your business mission.

Every memorable brand has a great story. What’s unique about yours? Customers want to know you’re genuine and in business for more than just profit. As you explore your roots, try pinpointing what you have in common with your audience.

2) Run a promotion that provides sustainable business.

Avoid offering a whopping 50% discount. You want your customers to purchase your goods because they value them — not the cheap price. 10 – 20% off can work well. Setting up a loyalty program may also help (i.e. buy 9 coffees, get your 10th free).

3) Try bundling products in a creative way.

Help customers make a purchase by bundling relevant products together. If you own a salon, think about a gift basket of hair care items. Or combine some free chocolates with a cup of coffee if you run a cafe. This can also help sell less popular products. By matching them with fast-selling items, they’ll fly off the shelves.

4) Extend your hours.

On Small Business Saturday, it may be a good idea to extend your business hours a bit. Try opening up an hour early and closing an hour late. Show your enthusiasm for the event!

5) Partner with other small businesses.

Running a promotion together can help you reach a wider audience and offer a bigger benefit to customers. If you own a gym, connect with an organic food store. Or if you own a small clothing boutique, talk with local jewelry makers.

6) Get the message out.

Put up banners and signs in your storefront, send out emails, and go big on social media. You can feature attractive images of your store and products, or tell snippets of your business story. Just get the word out.

Now is the time to stock up on branded promotional items to boost your business. From signs and banners to t-shirts to hats, we have everything you need to make this year’s Small Business Saturday a success.

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