Tangible Branding: Effective Marketing With Minimal Effort

Nowadays, there are countless ways a business can market itself. Everything from traditional advertising to digital marketing, but these can be pricey and time consuming for small businesses. One of the most powerful, yet overlooked, types of marketing that small businesses can invest in is tangible branding. Putting your logo onto promotional products is cost-effective and incredibly easy. These products add a personal touch and lasting impression that other forms of marketing can’t offer.

Easy and Powerful Marketing

According to a study done by L.J. Market Research, 52% of participants given a promotional product ultimately did business with that company, while the remaining 48% said they were more likely to do business with them. Not only do these products make the perception of your brand more favorable because of the personal touch, but they also cost much less per impression and leave a longer impression than other marketing techniques, such as traditional offline print advertising.

With tools like ours, you can easily add your logo and customize any promotional product for a low price. Then you can let your products do all of the work for you. A lawn sign or a t-shirt with your logo on it will keep being seen and getting you exposure, without you having to do anything!

How to Choose Tangible Branding Products

Investing in promotional products is an excellent choice for all types of businesses, but it’s important to make sure you’re spending your money wisely and investing in the right products for you. Here are some suggestions for picking products based on industry:

Construction or Contracting:

You might consider buying t-shirts for your employees to use as uniforms. Having uniforms for these types of businesses makes a huge difference, not only in making you and your team more professional but also getting seen by other potential customers in the area while working. You can also put your logo on hats to add to the uniform, these are especially great if you have a job outside on a sunny day. Lawn signs are great to display by job sites or houses you’re working on so you can proudly show off your work and take credit. We also offer window decals to put on any trucks or vans you use while on the job.

Real Estate:

Networking is essential for realtors since a lot of business is done on a referral basis. Be ready for new customers by having business cards on hand with your logo, contact information, and even an appointment reminder on the back – closing the deal starts with creating an appointment. You can also personalize pens or magnets to use as your business card; they can have all of the same vital information but are more likely to be kept and seen than a card. Much like the construction industry, lawn signs are also an important product for realtors to show off your property and get more exposure around your neighborhood. Finally, keep all your paperwork for each listing organized with customized folders to add a professional touch. Better yet, hand them out when closing a deal and finalizing paperwork.

Salons and Restaurants:

For businesses like these, and any service industry with a physical location, it’s important to have signage for your location or storefront. We offer large banners and window decals that you can personalize with your company name, logo, hours and any other information to make sure you get noticed and are remembered. Take your branding inside too. Have some business cards on the counter in the front of your store, and salons can add a space for appointment reminders to the back of the card. Along with your cards, have some pens up front with your logo and contact information. People can use these to sign receipts and encourage them to keep them. Promotional pens are used an average of 18 times per month and often get passed around, so they’re going to get you exposure. Depending on your business, you can also create uniforms for employees by customizing t-shirts or polos.

Put Your Marketing Budget to Work

Promotional products are great for customer giveaways to show how much you appreciate them. If you’re trying to figure out what you should purchase as a giveaway, consider getting gifts that can be used around the office. These include pens, notebooks, post-it packs, USB sticks, mugs, mouse pads, stress balls, and folders, among others. These products are great because they are things that can actually be of use to your customers, which means they are more likely to hold on to them. Office supplies make great giveaways because they are sure to be seen, and potentially used, by your customers’ co-workers, friends, or anyone they are doing business with. Since most people work 40 hours a week, this is 40 hours of additional impressions every week. In a few weeks, they will pay for themselves.


Start marketing your business today.

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