The Benefits of Branded Office Supplies

Small companies often wonder about the ways they can promote their brand on a small budget. There are so many options out there, from television and online advertising to corporate event sponsorship; however, many of these ideas are expensive, and do not target the right individuals. A great marketing tool is the distribution of branded office supplies. Giving out pens, folders, notebooks, mugs and mouse pads with your company’s logo has many benefits!

What is Branding?

Branding is a process of creating a consistent business identity for current and prospective clients. Using colors, words and images, you can make your company unique and set it apart from the competition. Putting your name, logo and contact information on products that you give out to the public creates memorability, increases loyalty, and serves as an advertising tool.

Benefits of Branded Office Supplies


Branded office supplies provide a great way to market your company’s products or services to potential and existing clients. You choose who to give these products to, instead of paying for an expensive TV commercial that may not target your specific audience.

When you come across a potential client, investor or business partner, you can give them your business card, but a promotional product will have a bigger impact. If you give that same individual a pen with your brand on it, they will much more likely use it, and have your company name in front of them every time they write.


Branded office supplies are great tools to help clients remember you when they need you. People are busy, and don’t want to spend hours looking for an old sales receipt to remember the restaurant where they had a delicious dinner months ago. While individuals will likely forget the name of the company that moved them three years ago, having a branded mug in their kitchen left by the moving company, as an example, will provide a great memory refresher. In addition, sending out branded notebook to professional clients will make certain that they see your brand image every day while they sit at their desk.


Giving out branded office products to increase awareness of and loyalty to your business is a very affordable strategy. You do not need to commit to a pricey online marketing campaign; all you have to do is purchase the amount of office supplies you need at the moment, based on your budget.


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