What to Bring to Your Next Conference

Stuff we all get. Who can turn down a piece of nice swag? But at trade shows, conferences, and conventions, every booth out there has tons of free giveaways. We looked into what people really want and what people just can’t turn down. Here’s our list of the best promotional products to use as giveaways at an industry conference.

Ideal Promotional Products For Business Conferences

Custom T-shirts

These are always a classic to bring for conferences for a reason. People love getting custom t-shirts, especially for free. And the beauty of free t-shirts is that people will take them no matter what size they are. Perfect fit? Great, wear it on the weekends. Too small? That’s okay, give it to my daughter. A little too big? Fine, it’ll make a great beach or gym shirt. Way too big? Awesome, just found my new pajamas. T-shirts are always a sure-fire custom promotional giveaway.

Custom Koozies

These are relatively new to the promotional product scene, and always attractive to curious passers-by. Custom can coolers are a fun way to get your brand and logo out there. Whether it’s for the beach, the boat, or the barbeque, koozies are always associated with fun. Bring fun to your booth at the conference.

Custom Stress Balls

Many people grab stress balls at trade shows and just put them in their bag because, hey, maybe they’ll need it one day. Most people who pick up a free promotional stress ball and put it at their desk never even realize how often they use it. But just because they don’t realize they’re using it to relieve their stress, doesn’t mean that they’re not seeing it and the logo on it everyday. That’s good marketing–always in the line of sight and taking stress away.

These next two promotional products are a little bit more on the practical side. These are great to stock up on in the beginning of trade shows, instead of pushing your t-shirts, koozies, and stress balls to the front right away.

Custom Tote Bags

Realistically, totes bags are a simple way for people to hold all of their belongings. Giving away customized tote bags with your logo on the front at a trade show is a great way to help people enjoy their time even more. They will finally have a place to put those handfuls of printed promotional products. And they’ll think of your company and how you made their weekend more comfortable.

Custom Folders

Similarly, people pick up flyers, coupons, brochures, and all types of literature throughout the course of a convention. But where to hold all of these? That’s where custom folders come in handy. And with a logo of the front of that folder, your marketing will go a long way.

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