What To Look For in a Font

Similar to color choice, font choice is important for many different reasons. The reasoning behind different font choices is more tangible, however.

Understanding Different Font Styles

Details Of Classic Style Fonts

Serif fonts, like Times New Roman and Baskerville, have slight projections on the corners of the letters that look like the letter was finished off with a pen. These show reliability and traditionalism while giving off a classic feel. Below is a great example of a more traditional font style as well as how to combine different fonts in a logo design.

Hermes Logo

Details Of Modern Style Fonts

Modern fonts are sans-serif fonts with taller, squarer letters. Examples of modern fonts include Century Gothic and Futura. These put out progressive, chic, stylish vibes. Think of Hulu’s logo. San serif fonts do not have those small marks at the letters’ corners. These put out similar ideas as sans-serif fonts, but are less fancy and upscale. Helvetica, Calibri, and other sans-serif fonts are good for putting out clean, stable messages.

Morton Salt Logo

Details Of Script Style Fonts

On the other end of the spectrum lies the script fonts. Script fonts are only used for upscale, super professional companies. Fonts like Bickham script and Lavanderia show elegance and class. Think Cadillac. But these fonts can be very difficult to read as the distance between logo and viewer grow greater.

New York Times logo

Designing A Customized Font For Your Business

Finally, there are display fonts–fonts that are invented by a company to use for their logo, or fonts that are fun and don’t fit neatly into the other categories. Valencia is a display font that mimics old-fashioned fonts with full rounded edges and low letter crossbars. A graphic designer created the Disney font and based the design off of the way Walt Disney signed his name.

Coca-Cola logo

Effective logos use fonts that reflect the company and the industry. Plumbers aren’t using script fonts and caterers aren’t using bubble fonts. The right font can make or break the memorability of a logo. Have you found your new font? Are you ready to design your new logo? Visit FreeLogoServices.com to try our free logo maker to browse thousands of logo templates.


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