Where to Wear Your Custom Polos

See your brand in a whole new way with custom embroidered polos. With polos, it’s not just your logo printed on some cloth in some bright-colored ink. Your logo is threaded meticulously and reviewed thoroughly to make sure it’s perfect. Once you have custom polos, though, what to do next?

Here’s five places where you can most effectively wear your custom polo.

1. The Workplace

Even though wearing your custom polo around your place of work doesn’t really market your brand or get you more customers, it does something else pretty powerful. Wearing your brand around your office or store and around your employees and partners can really raise morale. There’s something about seeing your own logo on your own shirt that really makes the workers feel accomplished and confident in the business.

2. The Party

Sometimes when people only see your logo on your storefront or products, they forget who’s really behind the business. Put your face to your logo and wear your brand. Be personable and talk to everyone. Next time they see your logo, they’ll think of you, too. Be known for being a great person to talk to as well as a great business owner with a great product.

3. The Fundraiser

The biggest thing that holds people back during fundraising is that they might not know if their money is going to be put to good use. You need to win their trust before you can win their investment. Having custom embroidered polos with your brand show that you’re professional and that you take your business (and your customers) seriously.

4. The Field

Some of the best marketing today still happens on the golf course, the softball field, or even in the stands at your child’s soccer game. Wearing your brand to these outdoor events brings your logo in front of a large audience–including people you currently do business with, people you hope to do business with, and people you’ve never even thought to do business with. Professionalism combined with wearable marketing have a large impact.

5. The Conference

When you’re out promoting your business at trade shows, conventions, or conferences, custom polos are a necessity. Once, again they show that your company brings the professionalism to the table. Full-color embroidery makes a difference. You can use these shirts to match your signs, banners, pens, and whatever other promotional products you have with you. Make yourself into a marketing machine.

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