Which Pen is Right For You?

The world of custom pens is a competitive one. Click versus cap. Clip versus free. Every pen has a different purpose, and each is just as important as the last. Here, we’ve put together a little guide to decide which pen is right for you. Take a look.

Comfort Grip Pen

The mascot.

Perfect size for printing logos or direct business card design. Marching band sold separately.

This pen is also pretty customizable. You can choose between blue or black for the ink; between a square or rounded clip; between a chrome or plastic tip and clip; and from 11 different colors for the barrel. And we’ll print your logo in full color right on the barrel. The customizability of this particular pen makes it an extremely effective marketing tool.

comfort grip custom pen

Chrome Clip Pen

The bling.

Dazzle crowds with the full-color barrel, comfortable rubber grip, and chrome trim. Chrome polish not included.

You can feel confident about this pen. It has the right amount of shine, but nothing too flashy. It shows that you mean business, but that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. It’s built for durability and performance.

custom chrome retractable pen

Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

The hero.

The best of both worlds. Affordable, yet durable. Classy, yet awesome.

This is perfect to use as a giveaway. It’s not overpriced, but still holds a lot of professionalism. Customize the colors of the barrel, clip, and tip to match your logo for the best performance. This marketing tool is a must-have.

custom grip retractable ballpoint pen

Metal Laser-Engraved Pen

The party.

Bring the excitement with the added flair of the state-of-the-art, high-tech lazer engraved pen. Jazz hands.

Have a little fun with your brand! Contemporary pens might not be perfect for every industry, but within its correct niche, they’re a go-to. With 14 different shiny barrel colors, you’re bound to find a color to match your brand and wow your customers at any meeting.

metal lazer engraved pen

Retractable Ballpoint Pen

The standard.

Everything you expect in a pen. Reliability, versatility, ability to disappear without notice.

This is great for a stand-by pen. If you’re just starting your business and need some quick promotional products, this should be your first purchase. They’re affordable, but not cheap. They’re customizable and can really help your business grow in those early stages.

custom retractable ballpoint pen

Ballpoint Pen

The soldier.

Buy in bulk and cover the whole competitive battlefield.

Marketing is a numbers game. The more people that see your logo, the more your brand is recognizable and the more likely you are to have new customers, and more return customers. This pen can get that job done. Buy a bunch and give them away, and watch your brand grow.

customized ballpoint pen

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