Show-Stopping Logo Design Trends in 2019

We’re on our way to closing out the next decade and a lot has changed in the logo design world over the past 9 years. We’ve seen some not-so-great logo design trends come and go, while others seem to be timeless.

While we can’t predict in 2019 which celebrities will make a fool of themselves, or who will win the Super Bowl, we do have 99.99% confidence in what this year’s hottest logo design trends will be. Below are nine different logo design types you can expect new businesses to be touting in 2019.

  1. Geometric Logos. There’s something incredibly satisfying seeing straight lines and symmetry. Geometric logos are a fantastic style that meets these criteria while still leaving room for creativity. Shapes can be as elaborate or as simple as you make them out to be; add color, duplicate the original shape, or make the whole shape 3D. Geometric logos are popping up in every industry from construction to interior design and apparel. This is the perfect logotype for business owners who want a minimalist logo design without compromising on detail and originality. The best part about geometric logos is that they look great in both black and white or colorized. Experiment with different colors as well as line thickness and negative space.
    Geometric S shaped logo
  2. Color-Gradient Logos. If you asked us what logo design trend was going to take off in 2019, we’d bet all our chips on the color-gradient logo. Think 1970’s color expression meets modern minimalist design and here you have the color-gradient logo. But what is a color gradient? Color gradients can either be different hues of one color or multiple colors with multiple hues each. Depending on what aesthetic you’re going for, you can choose one option or the other. The color is the star of the show here, so you may want to consider keeping the shape or logo icon simple. You can find examples of color-gradient logos by searching the latest up and coming tech companies, marketing companies, and consulting firms.
    color gradient logo
  3. Double Initial Logos. Want a text only logo with a modern spin? Double initial logos are quietly making their way back onto the logo scene and in 2019 we can expect to see more. While you may be thinking “well, that’s boring”, think again. There are dozens of design variations of double initial logos; from two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, a mix of both, and joint letters. Font size and style can help make a two-letter logo stand out against some of the more popular logotypes. Coffee shops, clothing brands, restaurants, and salons may find this logotype enticing to customers, though just about any industry can adopt this style.
    double initial construction logo
  4. Image-Only Logos. Single image logos have been around for quite some time now thanks to the dawn of social media profiles and online businesses. From Apple and Twitter to Starbucks and Volkswaggon, the single image logo is ideal for brands that are looking to go global in 2019. The simple design of an image-only logo allows you to get creative with shapes, colors and negative space. Adding a color-gradient or using a combination of thin and thick lines can create movement throughout the image. As long as you can agree that your customers will still be able to recall your business name in 2019, the image-only logo is the ideal choice, especially if you have a significant online presence.
    illustrated interlocked people logo
  5. Illustrated Logos. There’s nothing more fun, whimsical, and refreshing than seeing a hand-drawn illustrated logo. If you want your brand to come across as personable and approachable, a hand-drawn logo can easily send these messages across to any customer. With so many flashy, modern and minimalist logos out there these days, an illustrated logo can stand out from the crowd. We expect to see a lot more of this logo style in 2019, especially in industries such as bakeries, breweries, bookstores, and hobby shops. Nothing says “small business, great customer service” more than a hand-drawn logo with a limited color palette and plenty of negative space.
    Watercolor tree in circle
  6. Responsive Logos. While we all know that we must use our logo online in order to increase brand awareness, some businesses have gone a step further and created responsive logo designs for the sole purpose of ensuring they look perfect on all digital devices and backgrounds. Last year, 52.2 percent of the world’s website traffic came from a mobile device, and you can rest assured knowing that this number is projected to increase this year. Responsive logos — similar to responsive websites — become stripped down of their extra details when the screen size begins to shrink. This allows for more image clarity without sacrificing the brand’s image as a whole.
    business logo icons
  7. Illustrated Letters. Why illustrate an entire word if you can get away with just an illustrated letter? As business owners continue to gravitate towards minimalist logo designs, they’ve realized they can still get creative using a limited number of colors and shapes. The illustrated letter logo trend is a creative spin on the initial logo. Water droplets, faces, animals, and other features can easily be incorporated into the shape of a letter or designed to take the place of a letter. While illustrated letters may be difficult to design on your own, a logo maker or graphic designer can work with you to ensure your logo gets your business message across to your audience. Be on the lookout for more of this logo style in 2019 as the trend is starting to catch on.
    illustrated text only logo
  8. Minimalist Logos. A repeat logo design trend from last year, the minimalist logo design concept is still going strong into 2019. Businesses such as restaurants and bars, design or art studios of all sorts, tech companies and boutiques have all utilized minimalist logo designs. The negative space and simple lines look good on just about every surface, including promotional products, social media channels, and websites. In 2019, we can expect to see less black and white minimalist logos and more monochromatic and dichromatic logos. Sharp lines with clean yet decorative font styles are also becoming increasingly popular.
    minimslist black and white guitar music logo
  9. Decorative Font Logos. Bubble letters, curly-ques, distressed block lettering… you name the style of font and it probably exists somewhere on the Internet. Decorative font logos are going to be a hot commodity in 2019 as more individuals opt for text only logos inspired by various decades such as the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Font style can be just as expressive as including a logo icon or image while utilizing less space and a limited amount of coloration. If you want an elevated look for your business, opt for a unique cursive font. If you are looking for something playful, consider hand-drawn font styles or bubble letters. For a more modern twist, try bold block lettering. In 2019, it’s all about subtle expression.
    handwritten decorative kid's font

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