3 Easy Customer Appreciation Tips

As a little experiment, think about how far your business has come in the last twelve months. Your business’s growth comes from all of your supportive customers and partners, and your dedicated employees. They deserve a thank you!

Showing your customers your appreciation is easy. Sure, it may cost a little extra for you right now, but a small investment to show your customers they matter will go a long way for your business in the long run. Here are 3 quick ways to say thanks to your loyal customers.

1. Coupons

Ensure your customers will come back again by mailing or handing out custom flyers with a coupon or special deal. Most times, customers with a coupon for a buy-one-get-one coupon or other specific offer on a product or service will buy more than just the product discounted by the coupon. This means coupons will bring customers to your business, get you a sale, and likely another sale for a product the customer sees while browsing.

2. Special Offers

You can also bring customers into your store by holding a special offer for return customers. Print a banner or sign to hang outside of your business to advertise a deal, like a “20% off your purchase” offer or a “save $10 when spend over $50” deal. This will inspire new customers to check out your business and give return customers even more incentive to come back.

3. Small Free Gift

Last, show customers you care by giving them a little something extra at checkout. There are many low-cost products to use as giveaways to your customers. Try customizing a “Thank You” pen or mug and giving them to your customers for free when they buy other products or services from your business. Every time the pen or mug is used, the customer will remember your business and your kindness. Or, give a voucher for a free part of your service, such as a home inspection, business consultation, yoga class or a free manicure with a purchase of a pedicure. Every customer loves free things, and your generosity will give your company a good reputation, and keep it top of mind.

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